Get Off The Beaten Track In Greece

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With a unique combination of historical sites, cultural activities and beautiful landscapes, Greece has so much to offer travellers that its reputation as an incredible tourist destination is spreading beyond Europe to the United States.

While visitors have always enjoyed the chance to enjoy the opportunity to explore the main cities, rural villages, and coastal communities, the chance to learn more about this fascinating country has attracted millions of visitors from the US over recent years.

Known as ‘the cradle of civilization’, Greece is famous for its contribution to modern society, bringing everything from democracy to indoor plumbing to the Western world. Modern Greece has just as much to offer from a Mediterranean climate to a family-friendly culture that offers visitors the chance to enjoy the holiday of their dreams, whatever that entails.

While there are plenty of incredible sites to see, including two of the original seven wonders of the ancient world, Greece is also an ideal spot for explorers to uncover some lesser-known spots that are every bit as breath-taking as the headline destinations. There are plenty of places where you can have an authentic Greek experience, particularly if you want to visit some of the lesser-known islands and other spots that are not overwhelmed with tourists. 

Anyone that wants to be in control of their itinerary and explore Greece in their own way will appreciate the chance to do a little island hopping. Choosing a sailing holiday with a reliable provider with a choice of catamarans to charter as Borrowaboat is an ideal way to have the holiday of your dreams, from relaxing on some of the quieter islands to sampling the very best in culture, nightlife, and entertainment in the bigger towns and cities.


Once known as ‘the forgotten island’, Skopelos has fewer than 5,000 inhabitants making it one of the smallest Greek islands. It is an ideal spot for those who love sailing as there are plenty of isolated beaches, natural harbors, and beautiful coastal villages that are easily accessible from the sea.

Anyone sailing to the island can choose from a variety of places to stop for a visit, including the marinas of Skopelos Town or Loutraki Port, and in some of the smaller villages such as Agnotas. You can also weigh anchor at a choice of stunning beaches such as Blo, Panormos, or Stphylos, all of which have facilities to accommodate boats with everything from fuel to mechanical support.

Visitors can enjoy unrivaled views across the Aegean Sea and Skopelos is also an ideal place for underwater exploration. Divers and snorkellers can plunge into the crystal-clear waters to discover an incredible underwater world including tropical fish, seahorses, and even octopuses. 


This charming town sits on the coast on the Peloponnese peninsula of mainland Greece, providing visitors with a chance to enjoy what some people consider to be one of the most romantic places on earth. The cobbled streets provide plenty of photo opportunities and there are plenty of traditional tavernas serving authentic Greek food for those who want to enjoy taking a break from the tourist trails.

History fans will love learning about the town’s ancient origins and the fact that it was the capital of Greece for five years before the honor was bestowed on Athens in 1834. The town is home to an archaeological museum and the Bourtzi Fortress which is one of the most significant historical sites and a perfect day trip destination for anyone with a boat and a sense of adventure.


Located between Mykonos and Andros, the underrated island of Tinos is quiet and unspoiled and offers visitors the chance to get away from everything for a relaxing break. There are numerous small villages that offer an insight into the more relaxed pace of island life, and ornithologists can spend their time spotting the hundreds of dovecotes that the island is famous for.

Visitors with an interest in art can head to the island’s largest village, Pyrgos, also known as Panormos, which is named after the large tower that was built to defend the island in the 16th century. The island is also known for its marble deposits which have inspired a number of artists who have chosen to make the island their home.

Today, the island is a thriving center for artists with numerous galleries, marble workshops, and a School of Fine Arts as well as the Museum of Marbleworking and the Museum of Panoromos Artists. The local architecture is bursting with creative flourishes and the temples feature incredibly intricate marble décor. 


Situated just off the coast of Turkey, this island has something for everyone: there are beautiful white sandy beaches, ancient Greek ruins, museums, castles, and a host of restaurants serving fresh, local seafood. Kalymnos is the home of Greece’s sponge industry with divers harvesting them from the waters all around the island.

For those that prefer an active holiday, Kalymnos has everything with a variety of coastal paths that are perfect for hiking and forest trails that are favored by mountain bikers.

Climbers will find vertical rocks to traverse while divers can explore ancient shipwrecks beneath the waves.

If you want to take a holiday that perfectly suits your interests, Greece has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a chance to relax on a secluded beach, discover thousands of years of history, or just indulge your love of traditional Greek food, it’s easy to enjoy a voyage of exploration when you visit Greece.

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