Aiming for the Best Canada Holidays - Admirable Cities and a Pristine Countryside

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Canada is often overlooked because of it's rowdy southern neighbour, but it deserves so much more of the spotlight. There's a lot about Canada that I love, and this article touches on some of those points.

When it comes to Canada holidays, experts in travel and tourism will agree that there is definitely much to see in this beautiful country. From the tranquil planes of the eastern part of the country, to the beautiful mountains found in the west, there is definitely a lot to explore, including a wilderness of unparalleled beauty and peril.

If you plan on visiting Canada, however, organized trips will take all the danger out of the equation, and you’ll find that many of the city and countryside retreats and tours will be entirely satisfactory. In fact, in places like BC and Ontario, the beauty and uniqueness of the areas as well as the many nature sanctuaries found here will astound you. Most will definitely exceed all your expectations.


Canada’s Main Attractions 

When you’re thinking of Canada holidays, you can’t ignore the many possibilities for nature retreats that this country has to offer. The western part of Canada, in particular, is ripe with stunning mountains and tranquil lakes that will allow you to escape the routine of your day-to-day life, and explore some real adventure for a change, especially in places like Alberta and British Columbia. The spectacular Rocky Mountains are found here, featuring stunning waterfalls and tall peaks the likes of Mt. Robson, which measures almost 4,000 meters in height.

The western part of Canada is also home to the pristine province of British Columbia and its capital city of Vancouver. A peaceful but quite amazing metropolis, Vancouver has one of the highest ratings in the world when it comes to quality of life, and is also one of Canada’s most happening places you can visit on Canada holidays and tours with the entire family.

Canada’s east coast is also filled with many wonders, including the most diverse and interesting wildlife species and the most stunning winter landscapes found particularly in Quebec and the Laurentian Highlands. Toronto, in the province of Ontario, is also a promising area to visit, boasting some of the most scenic road trips you can consider.

Where Should You Consider Going? 

Among the most interesting and popular Canada holidays, you won’t find anything more rewarding and satisfying than some of the holiday journeys and tours organized on Canada’s western coast, particularly in British Columbia. With easy flights arriving in Vancouver and using Vancouver’s metropolitan area as a starting point for any and all of your trips, you can visit the Rockies, with their glacier-fed lakes and stunning views, as well as the wilderness of Vancouver Island. Here you can find anything from bears to large whales, and you can explore much of the other diverse plant and animal life that thrives in the area.

The great thing about Vancouver and British Columbia holidays is that the region has everything you can possibly want. From tall mountains, to glaciers, lakes, raging rivers and the pristine countryside, to the beautiful seaside and the waters of the Pacific Ocean, filled with a diverse range of marine life ready for you to explore. British Columbia is undoubtedly one of the richest places you can opt to visit during your Canada holidays.

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