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I have never been skiing. Shameful, I know. So thanks to Lara for providing us with some great recommendations on where to go skiing in Europe and the US. Which one would you choose?

Think of skiing and a resort with traditional Alpine chalets may come to mind or you might see more of the canyon scenery of Colorado.

Does the US have the top places to ski or is it Europe for you?

They both offer superb skiing opportunities and surrounding areas to visit, plus they’re packed with top of the range facilities and have a fantastic atmosphere that makes visitors come back time and time again.

For me, it has to be Europe. My all-time favourite is Val d’Isère in France. It’s a huge resort as it also neighbours Tignes, so I’m never short of things to do on my skiing holiday. I can ski the 3000 metre terrain, which has a flurry of snow from the Mediterranean, but I can also join in the après ski fun at the many cafes, bars, and restaurants that line the route. In particular, Dick’s Tea Bar is a favourite. It’s a bar that has lovely drinks and nibbles and then turns into a late night venue with a DJ.

Val d’Isère is great for my friends and me, as we like to sample a little bit of everything, but with its ice skating rink, tobogganing area, water and leisure centre, and spa, it is suitable for people of all ages and circumstances. The town centre is a worth a visit too with a Monday market as well as designer shops. 

I’ve always used Ski Bonjour for finding a chalet in Val d’Isère. Bonjour-Bivouac has been my favourite so far. It’s only 40 metres away from the slopes so I can hop straight on when I’m up and ready in the morning! And for a little bit of luxury, it has a sauna and chef to make my holiday experience totally relaxing. I’ve also stayed at Bonjour-Palmyre. This was similar to Bonjour-Bivouac but also had its own cinema room and is really close to my favourite, Dick’s Tea Bar. 

But I have heard that the US can rival Val d’Isère. My friend regularly goes to Sugarloaf in Maine. This has recently been improved with over $5 million of investments but she has always enjoyed skiing there. She mainly stays in a hotel at Sugarloaf, but motels, bed and breakfasts, and cottages are available. She spends her day skiing the 138 trails and exploring the ski town. She has also headed out West to Colorado Springs to get a completely different view. As well as experiencing the fantastic skiing in the mountains, she spent some of her time seeing the area, including visiting Old Colorado City. 

I’d love to join her one day so that I can experience skiing in a completely new area. I’ve seen that new ski resorts are opening in places such as India, China and Japan too, which would be another different experience!

So where is your preferred skiing destination?

Are you open to new places or do you have a firm favourite that your return to for every holiday?

And most importantly, would you cross the pond from your best location?

Lara Froth loves to ski. She has since she was 3. She is always keen to learn about the ski culture of other countries and is intent on reaching Japan one day. 

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