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Other then our blog we are constantly trying to stay in touch with family and friends back home. Here is some great ideas from Tasnim on how you can do it at minimal pricing. 

It’s a small world now! Keeping in touch with friends and family while travelling is easy in these days of modern technology. Modern technology and the widespread availability of internet access actually makes it difficult to stay away from the rest of the world.

But making time for communication while you're travelling can be difficult – particularly when you are busy with exploring new places. So what are the means one can get in touch with dear ones in this little world? We have compiled a few lists to keep in contact with family while travelling.


Possibly the easiest way! Just download the app, or computer program free. It is the cheapest and convenient way of making calls while in abroad. You will need a laptop or a smart phone to use Skype. The added advantage with Skype is that you can conference the whole lot in one group conversation. Skype is free Skype to Skype, but if you want to make a call it's not going to cost that much to get some Skype credit either.



Another amazing tool for connecting with people. Easy to download if you have a smart phone and requires only a wifi or 3g/4g connection. You can text, send pictures, videos or make phone calls - all free!

Phone Calls

A good old fashioned phone call is always good. Not everyone is uptodate with modern technology (take my grandparents, for instance). Luckily making international phone calls don’t have to cost as much today via the internet or phone and you can easily get cheap international call rates by using Rebtel's free calling app.

Write letters 

The oldest, but still dearest method of keeping connected. Writing a letter may not be a direct way of contacting people, but the affection and excitement it shows towards the receiver – it can mean a lot to them. An electronic message can always be deleted but a letter will always remain. Letters, post cards and printed photographs are still a different way to keep in touch in this era of modern and fast communication technology!

Use internet cafes

It is hard to believe now a day’s a traveler without a laptop or smart phone! But if this is you, don't despair you can use an internet café. Usually the rates in the café are very cheap. If you find a very cheap internet cafe and still have a smart phone, look into sending your emails and Facebook messages there, as opposed to paying for roaming rates with your mobile or laptop.

Do you have a better way of staying in touch during your travels? I'd love to improve my list and my communication so please let me know what you do during your travel roamings.

tasnim2.jpgTasnim Niger is an experienced writer, who likes to travel. She has a strong proficiency in writing and research and is eager to travel more of the world. 

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