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I love reading. I can not go to sleep without reading at least a chapter of my book. When I don't have a book to read I feel lost and listless. And now my kids love books cause we can travel with lots of them wherever we go. I love this post by Jenni, it mirrors my own thoughts. 

“There is no Frigate like a Book
To take us Lands away”
Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was a hermit. In fact, in the later part of her life she was such a recluse that she refused even to leave her room! Even so, Emily Dickinson was an avid reader, and she knew better than anyone that most avid readers are also avid explorers.

As an avid reader myself I know just how strong is our desire to learn about new people and places. Unfortunately, this desire to learn and explore is often at odds with an introverted personality; a situation which creates quite the internal struggle! While some of us may spend more time in a library than on a plane, train or automobile, many of us, in our heart of hearts, long to travel the world!

Thanksgiving_Hike.pngBooks (or great travel blogs such as the Bender family’s) are the things that help us satisfy that longing to travel, that need to explore. In Emily Dickinson’s case, books helped a uniquely shy and inexperienced person know the world outside her hometown. Because of books, this girl who couldn’t even leave her own room was able to write some of the most insightful, moving, and worldly poetry ever written.

Luckily most of us aren’t as shy as Emily Dickinson; and for most readers, books don’t serve as a substitute for travel, they serve as an inspiration to travel. Reading books about new people or places always helped the introverted reader in me feel prepared. I now knew what I might expect from a new situation and how I might deal with it. Likewise, reading helped my inner explorer feel excited and inspired. Once I knew what wonders and delights lay ahead of me there was no holding me back!

As a mom of two girls with their own unique personalities, books play an important role in our family travel experience. Reading opens children’s eyes to new realities and gives them a tantalizing glimpse into worlds outside their own. Books help remove a shy or fearful attitude toward the unknown, and give kids a compassion and curiosity for other cultures.


Modern technology has brought books and travel together more than ever before—especially if you’re a child or a parent planning for a trip! Planning travel as a family has always been a challenge: Where should you go? Where should you stay? How can you help your kids get the most out of the experience? How can you keep them entertained on long trips? These questions have plagued parents for centuries!

Now, Not only do we have the wonders of Google and the internet to help us learn (and get excited) about new locations and situations, our kids also have the ability to carry an entire library with them in their backpacks as they travel! With eBooks and quality reading apps like the Reading Rainbow digital library on the iPad and Kindle there’s just no stopping the modern young excursionist!


Having the right books with you before and during a trip can comfort a reluctant introvert, inspire an eager adventurist, and entertain an antsy child. From now on when packing or planning for a trip, consider not just what clothing you’ll need or which camera to take—think also about what reading material will make your trip extraordinary.

Books... Never leave home without them!

Jenni_Headshot_2.jpgAs the Reading Rainbow Mom, Jenni Buchanan enjoys sharing her love of reading with kids and adults all over the world; encouraging readers of ALL ages to believe that they can “go anywhere, be anything.” Jenni is an avid reader, a freelance writer, and teacher of literature, drama, and social media. Jenni lives in Southern California with her husband and two daughters.

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I so love e-readers! When I was young we would go on road trips and the few books I could fit into my luggage would be completely finished by the second day and my sons are quickly picking up the same habit. Now I can bring thousands of books with me at once and even download new ones on the road. So awesome!

Wendy DeChambeau Aug 7th, 2013

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