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Cheap student traveling… what a popular topic.

Traveling is a really hot trend today, as visiting other countries and cultures has never been easier. Students who are passionate about seeing various parts of the world are constantly fighting with one problem, and that is money.

When the budget is small, you don’t have to abandon your dreams and desires. You need to find solutions. When it comes to traveling on a student budget, there are plenty of options and techniques that you should leverage to better reach your objectives.

In today’s post, we’re going to explore several student traveling tips and tricks that will help you see the world while disposing of a tight budget.

Always Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is one of the best things you can do to reduce your traveling expenses and simplify your experience. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. When I was a student, I used to travel a lot and neglect my academic assignments. Whenever I procrastinated and didn’t manage to do my homework, Edubirdie was my favorite choice. I’ve spent a lot of money on writing services simply because I didn’t plan ahead.

I was doing the same mistake while traveling. Now that I look back, spontaneous traveling is fun but extremely unpredictable. If you plan to travel on a budget, make sure you book everything in advance and find the cheapest accommodations before they get booked.

Travel Out of Season

Traveling out of season will allow you to reduce your costs significantly. Because the travel industry tends to boost prices during holidays, it is better to plan your travels right before or after the “hot season”. This is called the “shoulder season”, a time in which hotels, airlines, and restaurants are lowering the prices to attract more tourists.

Pack Everything You Need 

Packing everything you need will prevent you from buying unnecessary things. This way, you’ll be able to spend your money only when you have to. Planning ahead is recommended, as there are many things that you can forget about if you’re doing it in a rush.

Book Your Flight in Time

One way to reduce your traveling costs is to book your flights on time. First of all, the tickets are cheaper. Second, since tickets can often be exhausted before you decide to buy them, you’re making sure that you’ll arrive at your destination (or back home) in time.

Find Student Discounts

Every city presents student discount opportunities. You should do your homework about the coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels that provide such opportunities before you start traveling. Eat, drink, and visit your objectives while keeping into consideration all the opportunities to save a few bucks along the way.

Don’t Eat All Your Cash

Be mindful of the way you eat. Even though it looks tempting, spending your precious money on fancy meals will sabotage your traveling budget. Make sure that you focus on your experiences rather than the foods you eat. Of course, you should always try to eat what the locals eat. The key point here is to stay balanced and conscious.

Find Ways to Earn While You Travel

When I was in college, I used to work as a freelancer for an expert essay writing service from Australia. Because I was making money while traveling, this gig allowed me to travel around Europe every summer without any worries. If freelancing is not an option, you can always seek money-making opportunities while you travel: helping locals, getting hired, and so on.


Volunteering in exchange for food and accommodation is a great solution for students who have a really tight budget. You can find volunteering experiences on platforms like Worldpackers and start planning your travels only once you find a good “deal”. Volunteering also helps you evolve as an individual and create meaningful connections with locals.

Focus on Your Experience and Forget About Material Items

As wise people say: focus on the present moment. Traveling has to do a lot with your mindset. If you can enjoy every experience, spending money will not be a problem. You can have fun and enjoy the culture in so many ways.

Note the difference between a traveler and a tourist. A traveler is always looking for the next experience, while a tourist is often looking for the best items to purchase.

Find a Cheap Place to Stay 

Go for cheap accommodation. When you’re traveling, you are spending most of your time outside. There’s no reason to pay a lot of money for a fancy hotel. Go for a hostel instead and use your extra money for other purposes.

Final Words

Traveling is not just an amazingly fun activity. It is also a life-changing experience that allows us to develop our mindsets and shape our attitudes.

Traveling is the most fun while you’re still young. For that simple reason, finding solutions to make traveling on a college budget is one of the best things you can do to grow as an individual and have fun in the meanwhile!

Michael is a passionate tutor who works for Edubirdie. He’s currently offering academic tutoring services to high-school students, helping them overcome their fears of growth. In his free time, he writes blog posts, studies Chinese, and travels as much as he can. He’s also part of two non-profit movements that aim to raise mental health awareness among students.

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