5 Unique Camping Adventures In Montana That You Have To Check Out

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I love nature and the wide open spaces... and Montana has plenty of that. If you enjoy the outdoors but want a few creature comforts like me, then this article is bound to inspire. 

Montana can be a haven for anyone looking to escape civilization for a little while and plant their stakes into the remote territories of northwest USA. Not many people know, however, that Montana also offers a diverse selection of unique spots where you can find ways to rough it with a little bit of luxury.

1. Camping and Treehouse Resorts

If you had a treehouse as a child, the Montana Treehouse Retreat will definitely bring back some pleasant memories. Here you can find actual treehouses decorated as rustic accommodation options, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature without letting go of life’s luxuries.

The fact that these resort areas are located close to Whitefish Mountain and the local ski resort is not an accident. Sport lovers will certainly enjoy visiting here in the wintertime to hit the slopes.

2. The Beaten Path

The East Rosebud Trail, also known as “The Beaten Path” is arguably one of the most pleasant hiking trails that the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

Situated between Cooke City and Red Lodge, it will allow you to see everything that’s truly great about Montana, including its rich wildlife, stunning mountain peaks and tranquil fishing lakes. Just check out the Happy Trails video below to see how amazing it can be to explore Montana’s backcountry and trails in a much more unique way than most travelers.

3. Glamping Near Yellowstone

You can’t visit Montana and not explore the wonders of Yellowstone. If you’re looking for something a little more unique than a classic camping trip to Yellowstone, however, you’ll find the exciting new trend of glamping to be worth considering. This popular new activity combines the exciting exploration of nature’s riches and wonders with the comfort of resorts that offer the full luxury and glamour of a 5-star hotel.

Some impressively luxurious camping areas and accommodations are available near the entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Here you can set out and enjoy the natural beauty of one of the most pristine places on Earth, then return to a luxury, safari-like tent, or one of many other accommodation options you might opt for.

4. The Diversity of the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Whether you’re an explorer, angler or just a camping enthusiast looking for the most remote places in Montana, the Bob Marshall Wilderness will be the best place for you. This remarkably diverse area just south of Glacier Park is perfect for unique hiking adventures, extreme alpine summit expeditions, lake-to-lake angling adventures or the challenge of climbing a steep mountain.

Some of the most spectacular views in Montana are in store for travelers willing to venture into the dense woods on the trail to Moose Lake, which leads right into the Great Bear Wilderness and to places like Elk Lake and Tranquil Basin.

5. Roughing it at the Cougar Peak Lookout

At a height of almost 7,000 feet in the Cabinet Mountains you can relive the unique experience of being a park ranger and spotting the most elusive wildlife in the region.

Cougar Peak Lookout is now more than just a simple cabin. The old-time Forest Service lookout point has become a unique attraction where guests can go back in time to the 1930s, explore a number of exciting trails in the area, and still enjoy all the features and amenities they need for hiking, camping, fishing and even bird watching.

Michelle is a Canadian travel journalist, editor, educator and also worked as a Marketing Manager in a renowned firm in Canada. 

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Montana is just really fabulous kind of places to enjoy something great kind of time ahead. would be there surely ahead.

Alexa_John Feb 19th, 2018

I will like to have such a good and best time this way again and again.

Mack May 28th, 2019

This stuff is so nice and will prpove really best for me when I will plan my Montana's trip after mine san francisco to yosemite national park trip.

Doris Jul 15th, 2019

day trips from nyc could be fun for me to see maore aroudn me.

Lucas Jul 18th, 2019

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