Discover the Magical Catalan Town of Sitges

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Head 30 minutes south of Barcelona and you will soon arrive at the town of Sitges. It is a wonderous place known for a variety of things. It hosts a remarkable and beautiful horror film festival. It has gorgeous beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Throw in some great museums, generally great weather, and you have a must-see destination.


There is a range of accommodation options in Sitges with many choosing to stay at the hotel Calipolis thanks to its excellent reputation and different room options. Other hotels tend to be decent, and holiday apartments can also be rented.

Things to do in Sitges

There is plenty of great things to do in Sitges and places to experience. Sitges is one of those places that offers much to you as a traveller. Its offerings are diverse, and as such, you can shape your Sitges adventure how you want it. Amsterdam has a similar vibe. Here are a few choice Sitges cuts.

The Meseu Cau Ferrat

One of the movers and shakes in the Catalan Modernist Movement was artist Santiago Rusiñol. He lived in Sitges and did most of his work here. Today, his home is a museum featuring his ceramics, drawings, and paintings. The work is interesting and will make you think.

Old Town

The Old Town in Sitges features architectural gems with some of the buildings dating back to the 15th century. This can be seen in the fishermen’s neighbourhood where white buildings with blue borders can be found. Two places to see are the Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla. The baroque interior is something to behold.

Casa Bacardí

Casa Bacardí is the home of rum. Many associate Bacardí Rum with Cuba but it originated in Stiges. In 1814 the founder of the brand, Facundo Bacardí Massó, was born. If you want to try a poignant cocktail head for Casa Bacardí. You can try some of the best rum you’ll have at the small bar in the back.

Passeig Maritim

Many travellers take the time to enjoy a stroll along Passeig Maritim. It is a very scenic walk where palm trees line your path. It has become so popular that plenty of restaurants, ice cream shops, and cafes punctuate your route. If you need a refreshment or two on your stroll, you won’t have to walk far.

Delicious Seafood

Seafood is big business in Sitges. Restaurants can be found in the Old Town and along the waterfront. Two favourites among locals and travellers are La Nansa and El Trull. Their fresh fish and rice dishes are worth a visit to the town on its own.

Hit the Beach

There are some great beaches in the region. If you want a family beach, Platja de Sant Sebastià is where most families go. It is small, but there is plenty of sand to dig up for the kids, and this usually keeps them happy.

The main beach is Platja la Bassa Ronda and is particularly busy in the summer months. Regardless of what kind of beach experience you want, Sitges has it.

Sitges is a great place to visit. No doubt you’ll visit more than once.

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