Champagne: How to Taste France Even When You Can’t Travel There

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The delectable wines originating in the Champagne region of France have been well-known for centuries as some of the most delicious varieties of wine in the world. Champagne – the sparkly drink we all know and love – originated here, having been aptly named after the region that gave it its unique flavor. To this day, champagne remains the pride of France.

Experience France Through Its Most Refined Drink

While we are forced to avoid traveling to France these days, we can still have a taste of the country that was home to Napoleon and Marie Curie, and that gave the world the most delectable alcoholic beverages in history. French champagne offers more sparkles and joy than the best drinks in the world and gives us the kind of flavor, texture, and taste that elegantly reflects the unmistakable beauty and refinement of France itself.

Let’s face it, no champagne is better than the one that originates in the heart of France’s countryside. From delicious Bollinger white champagne to colorful varieties like the Philiponnat Royale Brut Reserve rose champagne, the varieties available here include the most desirable vintage bottles together with newer brands that will likely become world-renowned in just a few years.

What makes champagne from France better than all sparkling wine produced elsewhere is the carefully selected concentration of Pinot meunier, Pinot noir and Chardonnay grapes that are chosen according to unique ratios, giving each separate brand of champagne its completely distinctive qualities and flavor.

Surprisingly, champagne is not only delicious but also quite healthy. Experts show that champagne actually contains fewer calories than red wine or sweet wine and that the anti-oxidants that are present in red wine are also found in champagne, hinted at being capable of helping people to prevent heart problems and a variety of other diseases.

The Delight of French Foods

France is known not only for its delicious wine and beautiful women but also for certain delicacies and dishes that can be more welcoming and exciting than a vacation to the French countryside.

The boneless Bayonne ham, a renowned, air-cured French delicacy, Croque Monsieur, widely regarded as the best sandwich in the world, and the famous buttery croissant can all be ordered from home and they will have you wanting more. These tasty and well-known dishes will likely convince you that very few other countries on Earth can compare their food to French cuisine. 

If you want to still experience the best things that France is known for even while remaining in the comfort of your own home, there is no substitute for a good bottle of champagne accompanied by a fine French meal. Whether your choice is Joseph Perrier, Henriot, or even some of the lesser-known but no less refined choices of champagne available to order like Millésima, you really can’t go wrong when opting for champagne from France.

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