Top 5 Cheap Destinations for Students

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Time in college is one of the best periods in your life: you are young, free, and can do whatever you want from partying all night to taking another spontaneous adventure. Of course, you need to handle your homework and other assignments unless you want to drop out, but it can be quickly solved by delegating it to professional services that can do the job for you (check the best essay writing service reviews for more details).

When exams are over, your imagination is taking you to the beaches, mountains and beautiful landscapes waiting for you overseas and you are almost halfway there. You just need to pick your destination based on both your preferences and the limited budget. Luckily, it's still possible to match.

Top countries for a limited budget

Once you delegate the part of your homework to student-helping services (you can find out more about one of them in a speedypaper review), it's time to plan your abroad trip. Compared to essay writing reviews, now you will be looking at reviews of most affordable countries for a student`s pocket. This guide is one of them: we have prepared top countries that are both interesting to discover and where the price tag will not give you a heart attack. Basically, you can start with:

1. Albania

Compared to Greece and Italy, this country is less expensive and somewhere even better, so it can become a good alternative for a student on a tight budget. Traveling to Albania, you should check its capital to better explore the culture and beautiful architecture impacted by different empires. It is perfect for hiking: for example, backpacking on the Adriatic Sea. Compared to other popular European destinations, Albania is good for a limited budget trip: hostels will cost you around 9-15 Euro, and food is also quite affordable. For instance, you can try tasty poultry and coffee for almost nothing.

2. Sri Lanka

This country can offer you beautiful warm sands, waterfalls, temples, mountains that reach the sky, palm trees, and tea plantations. How about spending a day in the jungle? In Sri Lanka, you can explore Buddhist culture and attend sacred places throughout the island. Even though tourists will pay higher fees, it is still quite affordable for students, especially with a student ID.

3. Costa Rica

You may have heard that Costa Rica is very expensive country located in Central America, but it is definitely not true. For example, if you take the option of couch surfing, you can save on accommodation and enjoy beautiful nature almost for free. You can also find a cheap hostel which, combined with a student ID discount, will cost you just $10 bucks per night. This place can offer you biodiversity, gorgeous beaches, live volcanoes and other stuff you just can't miss. A little tip: to save on food, attend the so-called "sodas" - local restaurants with tasty and cheap food not aimed at tourists.

4. Hungary

One of the best cities to visit in Hungary is its capital Budapest. It is not that cheap compared to the previous three countries, but if you choose budget airlines, cheap hostel or couchsurfing, you will save plenty of cash for entertainment. For example, you can have dinner for 5 Euro and beer just for 1 Euro which totally fits your budget.

5. India

This is probably one of the best affordable destinations students tend to choose because you can afford extensive travel and quite cheap food. India is known for its beaches, various temples, and delicious street kebabs. You can enjoy Bollywood movies, great sites, and interesting culture that amaze all foreigners.

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