Travel And Holidaying Will Never Be Expensive Again With Club Mahindra Membership

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Taking vacations with the family has been one of the highlights of your life for several years now. But in the last couple of years, your holiday plans have been scuppered by global pandemics and upended schedules, with WFH (Work From Home) thrown in. You couldn’t travel anywhere and were confined to your home courtesy of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But it is now becoming safer to travel, albeit with a lot of caution. You yearn to travel to a new spot with your family in tow, and have started looking up suitable domestic destinations. During your research, you come across a good deal on flights and hotels to a Southeast Asian city. Now you’re confused and wondering where to go, what to book, how many days to spend there, and so on.

Then you hit upon a bright idea: you decide to buy a Club Mahindra membership to take the pressure off yourself about planning the entire holiday from scratch.

Why Club Mahindra for your holidays?

With decades of experience in the hospitality and tourism space, Club Mahindra Holidays are designed to meet the standards of the most exacting individual. With Club Mahindra, you get the opportunity to holiday with the best in the business, with a company that has a proven track record in customer service, holiday destinations, resorts and hotels, and overall hospitality.

Most people these days tend to plan their holidays from scratch, looking up flight options to selecting inter-city tours and exploration by themselves. While this is certainly exciting and the research does help you glean many new insights into the destination you are headed for, it is like taking a leap of faith into the unknown. You are not sure of the hotel you have booked, what kind of meals they will serve, the quality of the rooms and other amenities. The resort or hotel might not have the wherewithal to help you with your tours during your holiday. This is where Club Mahindra scores major points.

With your Club Mahindra membership, you are entitled to a week’s worth of stupendous vacation time in the best destinations all over India and in several parts of the world. Once you reach the destination, you are given rooms at a Club Mahindra resort or affiliated hotel, and you and your loved ones are taken care of in every possible way. From ensconcing you in the best rooms with superior amenities to serving delicious meals, and from helping you plan your sightseeing tours to delight you and your loved ones with activities at the resort itself, Club Mahindra takes pride in making your annual holiday even more memorable than the last.

Is it expensive to holiday with Club Mahindra Holidays?

Not at all. In fact, you save a lot of effort, money and time when you entrust your annual holiday to Club Mahindra. However, you might wonder what your Club Mahindra membership actually comprises of. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect in return for your Club Mahindra membership fees:

  • A new destination for your holiday every year, for 25 years. Holiday in India or abroad at a location of your choice. Club Mahindra has over 100 excellent resorts in each holiday destination in India, and in international locations in US, Southeast Asia and Europe.
  • With your Club Mahindra membership, you get four categories of holidays to choose from. Each category is customised to suit your travel preferences, the kind of holiday you seek, the room/apartment you wish to stay in and the season you wish to travel in. Club Mahindra designs your membership based on these choices to offer the most competitive pricing.
  • The Club Mahindra membership fees include seven days’ worth of holidays for 25 years. However, you have the option of breaking or extending the holiday timetable as per your preference. For instance, you can finish all 7 days of the holiday in one year or break the seven days into smaller holidays of two or three days in one year. You can take a longer holiday by advancing the next year’s days into the current year, or taking the current year’s unused days into the next year’s days – it’s all up to you how you choose to utilise your holiday time.
  • You have the option to buy the Club Mahindra membership in EMIs if you don’t wish to invest the entire membership fee upfront. The EMI schedule is created for a period spanning 6 to 48 months, and you can start your holidays even as you continue paying your EMIs.
  • Become a Club Mahindra member by paying a starting EMI of just Rs 9,900.
  • Your membership also includes your extended family and friends – simply trade in your holiday inventory for a larger room to accommodate a larger group travelling with you.

The membership gives you access to the most premium resorts and affiliate hotels in India and around the world. You and your loved ones are taken care of in every possible way, with the best on-site amenities and activities, superb food and refreshments, and several fun experiences while on holiday. Additionally, Club Mahindra maintains the highest levels of sanitation protocols for guest safety – expect frequent fogging, sanitising of surfaces and rooms, body temperature checks and immediate medical attention if you feel ill during your trip.

You don’t need to take our word for it: read the several Club Mahindra reviews online from our past and current customers, to find out why everyone’s raving about Club Mahindra holidays. Soon, you can be part of a growing tribe of discerning, happy travellers exploring the world with a little help from Club Mahindra.

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