How to Combat Flight Nerves

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When you’re a nervous flier, you likely come up with various excuses to avoid traveling by air. You might encourage your loved ones to go on car road trips or even take cruise ship vacations to see new destinations, rather than step foot in an airport. Being a nervous flier can limit your travel potential, but it doesn’t have to. You may have luck combatting your travel fears by doing some of the following things.

Trying Natural Anxiety-Relieving Products

If you experience anxiety each time you board a plane, consider consuming a CBD product from a high-quality manufacturer like Joy Organics. In a 2019 study, 57 males were able to experience relief from their anxiety symptoms with a dosage of between 300 mg and 600 mg.

How much you consume might depend on your product and how you administer it. However, there are many different options at your disposal, such as sprays, capsules, oil, and edibles. Don’t forget to brush up on TSA rules to make sure you abide by CBD travel guidelines.

Learn About Plane Noises

Sometimes, the fear of traveling by plane relates to the unknown. Airplane sounds during boarding, turning on, taking off, and landing can be unfamiliar, even if they’re normal. Before you set off to your dream destination, like Hawaii, learn more about the normal sounds aircraft make so that you can put your mind at ease.

Part of this process might involve watching video clips of wheels retracting during takeoff and listening to the sounds associated with acceleration. If you notice sounds that you’re unfamiliar with during the flight, you can always ask flight attendants for more information.

Bring Things to Distract You

It’s easy to be nervous about flying when your mind is focused purely on airplane crash statistics and not making it to your destination. You might be less anxious about your travels if you have plenty of things to distract you from these thoughts.

Take a mobile device to watch movies, read books, play games, or listen to music. You can do many different activities to keep your mind focused on anything other than being involved in a serious plane accident.

Travel With People You Trust

Unfortunately, not everyone has empathy for people who are scared of flying. If you want to feel safe and understood when you fly, make sure you travel with people who support you. If you’re traveling alone, share your fears with flight attendants who can provide reassurance when you need it the most.

Seek Help

Some people’s fear of flying can be so severe that they miss significant family events. If you have somewhere important to be, such as a wedding and honeymoon in Phuket, now might be the right time to seek help and take the first steps toward being free of your fears.

Read online resources, join digital support groups, or even consider seeing a therapist to get to the root of your fear and overcome it. You don’t have to manage your anxiety on your own.

Many people are scared, anxious, or nervous about flying, so you’re not alone. However, you don’t have to avoid flying forever. Some of the information above might put you on the path to being able to fly with confidence to new and exciting destinations.

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