Fascinating Cruise Excursions through the City of St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg is Russia’s second-largest city after Moscow. Before Moscow, it used to be the capital city of Imperial Russia during the time periods of 1732 – 1918. St. Petersburg was, and up until today, still is a center of historical values, of beautiful art and architectures. There are also heart-throbbing sights to behold. The city is built on the marshlands of the Neva River delta and is intertwined with around a hundred tributaries and canals with a total length of 300 kilometers. Along with a port to the Baltic Sea, it makes St. Petersburg the perfect city to enjoy cruise excursions.

Cruise excursions serve as a medium to explore the uniqueness of various cities within a few hours. It allows travelers to admire the beauty of the local landscape from the comfort that’s comparable to a hotel room. You could also explore the more hidden parts of the city on foot or by bike, the choices are yours to make. Cruise excursions allow you to explore the cities your way, whether it is enjoying the local culture with the help of a tour guide or to have the freedom to roam around the city on your own.

The independent booking platform for cruise excursions, My Cruise Excursion, offers both options. All tours are tailor-made for cruise guests and the tours take place in small groups (often just 6-12 people) with experienced local guides. Private excursions can also be arranged on request. The high-quality tours will ensure customers’ enjoyment of the cruise excursions.

When you book a cruise excursion for St. Petersburg on “My Cruise Excursion”, all worries about the complicated and time-consuming process of applying for a visa can be cast aside, as every tour available is offered with the inclusion of a visa. On top of that, language barriers are no longer a problem, you could learn about the local history as well as its culture with the assistance of an English-speaking guide. The guide can also provide you with unique insider’s information, deepening your understanding of the local’s way of life. Having a tour guide would not only help enrich your knowledge of the city, it will also allow you to relax and enjoy a well-organized excursion that includes all highlights of St. Petersburg.

Once the tour is booked, all you must concentrate on is how to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Take your chance now for an unforgettable experience that will guarantee to stay in your heart. 

Here are some of the best excursions to discover St. Petersburg:

All-day panoramic tour by land and water

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of the “Venice of the North”, built by Peter the Great on mud and water. On this tour, you will have the chance to experience a very memorable panoramic tour along the canals through some of the most beautiful sights in St. Petersburg. Visit some of the world-famous locations such as the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral and Peter and Paul Fortress, and lay your sight upon the legendary Russian Cruiser Aurora, which initiated the Russian Revolution.

  • Duration: 6.5 hours
  • Price for adult: £69.00
  • Price for children (2 – 12 years old): £59.00

2-day deluxe tour in and around St. Petersburg

This tour allows a much more detailed, slow-paced and relaxing discovery of St. Petersburg. Go through some of the most significant landmarks of the city on an extensive sight-seeing tour. Visit one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, the Hermitage Museum. Experience its world-famous art collection with a private and guided tour, which will carve moments of beauty into your memory.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Price for adult: £245.00
  • Price for children (2 – 12 years old): £209.00

VIP tour - magical experience: The White Nights

If you are looking for a more adventurous and romantic journey, there’s the option to incorporate the magical “White Nights” of St. Petersburg into your trip with this tour. Sail at night across the Neva river and catch some of the most unforgettable and magical moments of the city, when the drawbridges open for ships to enter or leave the harbor. (*)

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price for adult: £95.00
  • Price for children (2 – 12 years old): £75.00

* Please note that the phenomenon “White nights” only occurs in the summer months from about early May to mid-July. This tour will also take place with the same content in the remaining months of the year as a regular night boat ride.

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