Digital Nomad: Beginners Guide

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If you’ve landed here, you might probably know who are digital nomads – location-independent workers that either has passive income streams, work in the gig economy or simply have remote work that is not tied to a specific place.

The major characteristics of all the digital nomads are that they usually spend several months abroad each year, are constantly on the move, and earn a living while working online. So, you can easily live a nice, cushy lifestyle while working in Thailand or Bali, London, Paris or Sydney, and many other amazing cities across the globe.

Such an unrestricted, independent work style has made more and more people consider becoming digital nomads – the person that has the freedom to work and travel while living their best life full of new people, places, and memories. And, in this guide, we’ll explain what skills do you need to become a real digital nomad and which remote jobs are usually available for nomads.

The Essential Skills of a Digital Nomad

If you think this approach doesn’t require obtaining any skills, you’re absolutely wrong. First of all, digital nomads need to have at least some basic knowledge of working with PCs to get started. However, you’re getting even more chances to find a good remote job if there are some other skills or experience to offer to your potential employers!

The other hard skills you should consider are advanced writing skills, as it opens up a huge scope of jobs like content creation, creative writing, editing, proofreading… and these are only a few examples! It’s also important to possess the marketing mentality and skills, which is considered to be one of the most popular features of digital nomads, that covers many job options underneath: from digital marketing and advertising to SEO and SMM – perfect options for remote work!

Another essential aspect to consider is obtaining a bunch of soft skills, and the most essential here are strong communication skills and the ability to work in teams. Overall, communication is required nearly anywhere: if you’ve decided to offer your IT services on Upwork or get the in-house job as a UX/UI designer and reach out to your team through Slack – the ability to communicate with your clients, employers or teammates is a necessity.

Additionally, you will also need lots of self-motivation and flexibility – these two can help you to control your workflow and easily adapt to different situations while staying positive. Finally, any employee, no matter if it’s a digital nomad or the common 9 to 5 worker, needs to keep developing despite any situations he faces. Simply put, you need to keep up with the market needs to always find clients willing to pay you for the skills and experience you possess.

What Jobs Can Digital Nomads Get?

However, being a digital nomad does not solely imply obtaining all those skills listed above: you can also learn those while working on other jobs! Below you’ll find the alternative list of jobs that are commonly trending in the digital nomads' community.

Video Editor – this job can be performed freelance and also works great as an in-house position. The essential here is to master your skills of working with a professional video editor and constantly improving your portfolio with personal works. For a start, you can simply make a family vacation video for YouTube using free software for video editing to see whether this job fits you.

Content Creator – a universal job that can be literally used in any field you are interested in: from science to social media or journalism. You can create unique copies, share stunning photos or make amazing video content that will impress your audience!

Blogger – overlooked in most cases, this job has a huge potential and can provide you with a solid income. Also, it opens up lots of collaboration opportunities, helps you to develop expertise in a certain niche, and basically does what you enjoy doing the most! However, your income directly depends on your audience, which means you should find ways to get followers and increase the subscribers. So, like for any other job, it’s better to do deeper research first on how to become a blogger before entering this field.

Housesitter – if you’re tired of digital routines and want to get some rest from working in front of your computer, work as a housesitter! It doesn’t require any “superpower” or advanced skills in a certain field and, which is more important, is always relevant regardless of the location you’ve decided to land.

Virtual Assistance – performing the role of a personal assistant or secretary for people around the world seems to never be out of trend. It commonly includes scheduling, itinerary organizing, and day-to-day appointment reservations and bookings. The pay is decent and people usually run a few clients at a time as it is generally considered a part-time gig.

Proofreading – if you feel better working with documents and not the people, this job can be a thing. With tons of different content generated every day, the pool for work is only increasing, which is the perfect chance for digital nomads to get started. Moreover, you’ll be able to uncover different and interesting things – and get paid for it!

These are only a few job options you can try to earn money as a digital nomad. And, we’re more than certain that you can easily find the one you like to combine with your moving experience!

Wrapping Up

Now that you understand all the aspects of the digital nomad working style and how to get started in such an interesting yet engaging field. With these tips used, you’ll surely set up a comfortable yet effective remote job routine without getting stuck in one place.

Hope this guide helped you to become one step closer to entering the nomad community!

Our team wishes you to have stunning trips and the greatest earnings on your way!

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