What Can You Really Expect from Dubai’s Online Shopping Experience?

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Dubai has become a true social, technological and infrastructural marvel of the world. As the UAE’s main attraction, the city is a powerful commercial stronghold for the middle east and the eastern world.

When you’re in Dubai, it therefore stands to reason that you wouldn’t want to waste much time. So, instead of going grocery shopping and visiting various supermarkets and grocery stores to find the best foods and prices, why not consider the more practical approach of buying groceries online?

The Top Places for Groceries and Foods 

Buying groceries online isn’t available everywhere. However, in Dubai you have a lot to choose from when it comes to evaluating the actual shops that provide their services as part of an online shopping offer. 

Secrets Fine Food is a good example of that, being a shop with tradition that provides everything from basic groceries, to the most exquisite and rarest organic food items. When it comes to finding the best organic shop Dubai has no better option to offer than this.

When shopping at stores like Secrets, all you have to do is visit the website and look through the neatly arranged items to find everything you need. Many of the best organic shops offer gluten-free products and 100% organic vegetables. Even the rarest food items are extremely healthy and free of any additives and the toxic ingredients that you’d normally expect to find in groceries back home.

When you’re in Dubai, even your shopping experience will be much easier and more convenient. Finding an online store is as easy as 1-2-3, and at places like Secrets, the deliveries, the prices and the overall value of your shopping experience will all be well above average.

Getting the Best Food and Drinks Delivered to Your Doorstep

Dubai definitely boasts some of the finest assortments of rare food products from around the world. Among the places mentioned above, you will find many that take their job very seriously and give 150% to ensure the ultimate level of quality and satisfaction. When it comes to ordering your food and drinks, your Dubai online shopping adventure can help you get the following and much more:

  • You will have access to fine Italian delicacies like the famous smoked burrata, that will never fail to overwhelm your taste buds.
  • Spanish cuisine is also well-represented with items like chicken and chorizo paella.
  • Interested in high quality coffee or green tea? Maybe you’re looking for the finest mineral water imported from Italy. In Dubai, all that and many more of your favorite beverages will be available as online purchases.
  • Depending on which shop you visit, you can also find bargains for essential grocery items such as chicken, pesto sauce and common vegetables used in most European dishes.

Your online grocery list can also contain many more impressive and exotic assortments of fine foods and ingredients that can very rarely be found all in one place. In Dubai, however, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for, whether you’re interested in French cuisine, rare ingredients that only come from the island of Corsica or even Australian delicacies.

Online Food Shopping Tips

While it's relatively easy to buy from online food stores, there are some common mistakes newbies make. These can be overcome with a little careful planning:

  • Check the delivery timeframe before ordering. If you're preparing a special dish for a family get-together or event, you don't want your special ingredients arriving too late. A lot of online food stores give guaranteed delivery windows, and you can even choose for express delivery for a small extra fee.
  • Read the labels. Just like you would in the store, check the finer details about the ingredients or description of the product.
  • Consider storage. If you're purchasing a lot of refrigerated or frozen foods, consider that you have enough fridge/freezer space. You don't want to waste perfectly good food.
  • Check quantities and sizes. It's easy to gauge the size of a product in real life, but photos on the web are not all to scale and it can be harder to eyeball how much of a product or ingredient you'll need. Refer to the existing products and ingredients you have in your pantry and fridge for ideas on how much you need.
  • Keep a shopping list. As you run low on ingredients and products throughout the week, add them to your shopping list so you're ready to buy when the time is right.
  • Allow enough time for delivery. Some online stores take a day or two for delivery so don't leave the shopping to the last minute.

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Umer Aziz Nov 20th, 2020

Many thanks for sharing the above informative article regarding the online shopping experience in Dubai.

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Many thanks for sharing the above informative article. For the past one year I have been opting for the home delivery option while ordering my grocery items through online.

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A well-explained article. This article has explained the benefits of online grocery shopping and grocery delivery in Dubai. Being a Dubai resident, I found all these points useful to me. Keep on sharing more informative articles like this to the readers henceforth.

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