Elba Island, Italy: 5 New Ways You Can Improve Your Trip Planning

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Summer is rolling around, and you need to plan a trip.

There’s no place like Rome, but Elba Island is pretty close to it. With crystal clear waters allowing you to bathe in Italy’s version of paradise, it’s a must-see.

Filled with gulfs, beaches, mountains, and a touch of the French Revolution, this island is rich with nature and history. Napoleon decided to spend his exile in Elba. If it’s good enough for an emperor, it’s definitely a perfect fit for you. Here are 5 ways you can improve your trip planning.

AI can plan your entire trip!

You thought ChatGPT was only about helping you be more productive at work? Think again. Artificial intelligence tools aremaking a boom in the travel industry because you don’t need to do anything through an agency anymore. Apps like Roam Around, Vacay Chatbot, iPlan, and others can do everything you imagined and more.

You can get complete day-by-day trips with details, pictures, and maps to guide you. Choose whether you want to go on an adventure, relax, or keep it romantic. In a few seconds, these apps will do the hard work and come up with a plan. All you need to do is check the weather.

VPNs to get better deals

As soon as you have a plan, it’s time to start booking planes, hotels, and rent-a-cars. VPNs help you get them for less money.

Virtual private networks change your online location. That way, you can trick your computer (and the booking websites) into thinking that you’re in Italy already! Locals always get a better price, and VPN deals can save you a lot of money. Especially if you’re visiting multiple cities.

VPNs have even more benefits when traveling. They protect you from hackers and help you browse the net privately. You’ll be able to connect to public hotspots in restaurants, coffee shops, airports, and landmarks without worrying about hackers.

Plus, if you decide to wind down after a tall glass of wine with your pasta, you could watch a few episodes of your favorite Netflix show that isn’t available in Italy. With the click of a button, you’ll be back in your home country and continue watching.

Delivery apps instead of room service

Rule number one of staying in a hotel isnever to touch anything from the mini bar. There’s no reason for a Coke bottle to cost three times its normal price just because it’s conveniently placed inside your room fridge. Not only that, but a regular box of cereal costs ten bucks or more when delivered by room service.

Unlike reception, delivery apps have your back. You can get food from any place in town delivered to your doorstep. Instead of getting a chocolate bar, you could be enjoying frozen gelato. Loads of hotels have integrated with local companies, and they’re letting apps handle it.

Car sharing instead of renting

Say goodbye to paying hundreds of dollars for a car you need for a few hours. Peer-to-peer car sharing is growing, and you can book a vehicle for as long as you need it. No meeting owners, no rent-a-car companies, and more choices.

You book the car through an app and use it to unlock and start driving. No keys, just apps. You can enjoy the seaside with warm winds breezing in your hair, without worrying about whether you locked the car when you leave or whether you forgot the keys in that beautiful restaurant.

Phones instead of room keys

Your phone is the only tool you need when traveling. It has the plan and the booking info, you can order food from it, and it unlocks your door. Accommodation facilities are adapting to the modern era. They’re switching keys for phones and smartwatches. Instead of carrying an extra magnetic card, you can just tap your phone or watch.

Bonus tip

Since your phone is the central hub of your life abroad, you need to protect it at all times.Scammers are always trying to ruin your day, so make sure you’ve got a strong password or biometric lock. On top of that, install a ‘Find My Device’ app in case you lose it by accident and a ‘remote wipe’ app to delete all your personal info in case it gets stolen.

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