Complete Your ESTA Application to Travel to the USA Without a Applying for a Visa

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I almost got stuck without the right ESTA application before travelling to the US in 2012. Luckily I found the right information at the last minute. Do your research beforehand and learn from my mistake.

Did you know you can now avoid using the cumbersome US visa application process and just get an ESTA application more conveniently? While the process is still not known or fully understood by most, it is an extremely important change that all frequent travellers have to be made aware of.

Details About ESTA – Can You Really Avoid Visa Applications?

Before ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) was first developed in 2009, travellers wishing to get from the United Kingdom to US soil had to complete a difficult Visa application process. The ESTA procedure was created as a viable electronic alternative to the traditional Visa, and it basically acts as your legal Visa when entering the United States.

The application can be completed online without difficulty, taking the hassle out of applying for a traditional visa at the US Embassy.

You have to get it at least 3 days before you plan your journey, and once approved, your application will be valid for 2 years – including additional future trips to USA territory. Best of all, as you will see below, the ESTA application for travel to the USA is quite straightforward.

The ESTA Application Process

The ESTA application can be completed easily within a single day. You will, however, need immediate access to some vital information about your personal identification, any infractions you have committed and all relevant data presented in your biometric or electronic passport.

As you access the application form on ESTA's official website, you will need to introduce the information in the required fields and answer all the questions correctly.

Once you submit the completed form and pay the necessary fees by credit card, the American authorities will review your application and notify you as soon as possible, whether it was approved or not.

Currently, the ESTA is considered by experts to be the fastest, safest, easiest and most straightforward method by far used in recent years.

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