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Hawaii left a lasting impression on me, with it's laid back culture and dramatic landscapes. I'm pretty sure if you haven't been there before, you'll love it too.

The Hawaiian Islands are a thing of beauty. Serenely nestled among the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean, the shifting volcanic landscapes contrast beautifully with their deep blue surroundings. Hawaii is high up on many Americans’ lists of dream vacations and for good reason. Even though the island chain is hours away from the US mainland, it’s worth the trip 10 times over, and it’s a visit you and your family won’t easily forget.


Active volcanoes

Hawaii is home to Kilauea and Mauna Loa, two of the most active volcanoes on Earth. This state also boasts volcanic park tours which allow you to fly over, sail up to, or hike across lava flows. That’s right, you can see red hot, flowing lava move across the surface of the Earth or slide off into the abyss of the mighty Pacific. Volcano tours are a one-of-a-kind event no matter how you see them. You can even schedule a viewing that originates from another island if you aren’t staying close by on the “Big Island.” Helicopter tours are an especially popular option for viewing these fantastic island creators, and you can feel the heat from the air if you opt for a craft that’s ditched the traditional inclusion of doors.


Luau spectacular

No Hawaiian retreat is complete without the traditional Hawaiian feast. A luau in Maui is the pinnacle of a true Hawaiian experience bathed in the luxuriance of the archipelago’s most scenic hideaway.

For the uninitiated, a luau is principally a traditional feast with the added spectacle of dance and an unending flow of food and drinks. A whole pig (kalua pig) is lowered into a massive, dug-out pit called an imu. The imu serves as an oven to infuse the kalua pig with the phenomenal flavors of the island. Coupled with other traditional elements such as haupia, a coconut pudding, the meal will transport you to paradise. All of this happens during a traditional performance that marries Hawaiian and Polynesian spirits in dance and celebration. A luau is magical and completes any visit to these islands.


Undersea adventure

Whether you’re an experienced diver or you simply love splashing around near the shore, Hawaii holds a certain awe-inspiring beauty not found in your average American coastal marine habitat. The vibrancy and magnitude of ocean life will capture your imagination. Scuba certified divers can explore countless wrecks that are teeming with reef growth and fish just off the coast and made even more superb during the twilight of a night dive after the sun sets. For those with less experience or who hope to see the sea from above, snorkeling abounds in shallow reefs and near-shore ecosystems.

You are never far from a multitude of undersea activity. If you aim to dive even deeper, however, you can explore the freakish phenomenon of color fading while watching the fish of an even greater depth via a submarine tour. Just as helicopter tours take you soaring over volcanic sights, so too can you dive below the surface in a submarine tour, keeping dry while taking in the fish with greater ease than you would during a swim. 

A Hawaiian getaway should be high on your list when considering your next great vacation. Whether you are looking for a romantic holiday or time away from school with kids in tow, Hawaii is sure to take your breath away and provide memories that amaze for years to come.

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