Family Friendly Travel Tech To Take To Lanzarote

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I can see some new pieces making their way into our future travel plans. I especially love the scooter, my daughter adores her scooter. 

Travelling with kids can be difficult, however you can make your journey to the Spanish Isles easier with this Thomas Cook gear guide.

Shower Squids

These comical toiletry organisers are meant to be hung permanently in your home, but as a travelling family, you have to bathe wherever or whenever, it could be a 4-star hotel in Lanzarote or a B&B in Mancha Blanca. They keep your toiletries off the floor and easily accessible to you and your kids. These ten tentacle (one is used for hanging from a shower head...or a tree…you never know) squids hold the nine essentials like bars of soap, gels, shampoos etc and are made from latex to grip the items mid-air meaning you can use them without removing them.


Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Trek Backpacks

Airports are a drag, you spend all that time packing your luggage (practically sitting on top of it to make everything fit…and of course you have to store stuff that doesn’t fit into your kid’s luggage) and the officials search it like a comic thief throwing everything everywhere. Their day packs with slash pockets for quick-access to your stuff without digging like a dog who lost its bone. With a zip up cover to protect its straps and a resilient construction, means it’s protected from manky conveyers. It’s stylish enough to take on a first-class trip and durable enough to take on the zip lines in Mala, Lanzarote.


Twitter Pocket Travel Agent

If you’re like me and you don’t like sifting through pages of websites to find the ultimate Spanish destination that is family friendly, then use Twitter. Tweet your destination to @TCOffers and they’ll send you back options. No muss, no fuss. Visit for flight information and further details about their interactive enquiry system. It really is like having a little travel agent in your pocket, which means less time figuring out flights and more time having fun.


The Piggy-back Rider

Let’s face facts here – kids are a pain in the neck…to carry. They constantly want “Uppie” or shout “Carry me, I can’t see” which fair enough, they’re small humans. But dads are usually made (against their will) to carry a kid from the beaches of Puerte del Carmen to the Timanfaya National Park. Give a dad a break and get the Piggyback Rider from Amazon. It’s super lightweight…until your loving child gets on the mounted foot bar. It fits like a backpack with comfortable strapping and handles to keep your precious cargo safe and able to see the sites from new heights.


Samsonite’s Micro Travel Scooter

My kids love this! Even though I’m sure it was made for adults. It’s a 26 litre standard carry-on case tricked out to be a three wheeled scooter when the kick stand is released. It adds a little extra weight but it makes up for the amount of excitement and entertainment at airport terminals, train stations and hotels. Also means the kids ‘carry’ their own luggage.


Check out Thomas Cook’s interview with Editor-in-chief of gadget and Tech magazine “T3” for more must have holiday travel tech.

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