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Following on after our guest blog by our dear friends, Flashpacker Family, we are getting more and more enticed to head to New Zealand. 

With almost anywhere on the entire globe to choose from, trying to select the best destinations for overseas adventure holidays can be overwhelming to the would-be traveler. New Zealand has a lot to offer for anyone who is seeking a fun, adventure-filled vacation. With its friendly locals, exciting activities and stunning natural scenery like no other place in the world, it makes a great destination for anyone, from adventuring world-travelers to couples and families.

A Brief History of New Zealand

New Zealand's history is quite interesting and goes back almost a thousand years to the Maori people arriving in their canoes. In 1840, an agreement was signed to establish British law with the Maori still holding authority over the land and their culture. The Treaty of Waitangi is considered to be the founding document of New Zealand and the building in which it was signed has been preserved as a tourist attraction: the Waitangi Historic Reserve. The original document is preserved in Wellington's New Zealand Archives and can be visited by tourists as one of their New Zealand experiences.


New Zealand Adventure Holiday Activities

There are many incredible New Zealand experiences to partake in for adventure holidays and luxury family holidays, all against the backdrop of the stunning natural scenery. Heli-skiing over the mountain ranges, bungee jumping, exploring spectacular natural caves, sky-diving and more – it can all be a part of your unforgettable holiday. If you prefer water activities to heights, you can try white water rafting around the island, underground cave rafting or an exhilarating jet boat ride. Off-roading through the forests and foothills is another option for some heart-racing fun in the beautiful country.


Most Popular New Zealand Locations

A few of the most popular destinations for fun and exciting adventure family holidays include Queenstown, Taupo, and Wanaka, which each offer their own variety of activities, accommodations and scenery. Visitors to Queenstown will experience breathtaking alpine scenery and plenty of options for both fun and relaxation on their adventure holidays. Taupo boasts natural hot-water springs as well as the Waikato River water falls, and Wanaka is the home of some of the best outdoor recreation options in New Zealand with its location by Lake Wanaka and Mount Aspiring National Park.

Accommodations in New Zealand

New Zealand also offers a wide range of accommodations for families, including luxury hotels, lodges, villas and luxury camping. Backpackers are very welcome in New Zealand, and hostels in the area are known for both their cleanliness and safety. There are also campgrounds, bed & breakfast stops and holiday parks. Travelers will also find several choices of hotel from some of the top international chains including Hilton, Westin, Hyatt and InterContinental. These can be found in most of New Zealand's major cities and holiday destinations.

Whether you want to spend all your time doing extreme sports like bungee jumping, diving and rafting, or basking in the natural beauty of mountains and rivers, or a little bit of both, you and all of your traveling companions will be sure to come home from your family holiday in New Zealand with many great memories of unforgettable New Zealand experiences.

Nicola Wiseman is a travel writer who specialised in family travel around the globe. She also enjoys a little bit of luxury more often then not. 

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