Family Holidays on a Cruise Ship? You Bet!

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We have cruised the South Pacific, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. It didn't take much to get us hooked. I think everyone needs to go on a cruise at least once. So does Angela. 

Summertime is nearing, and that means one thing: time for a summer vacation! Spending time and sharing new experiences abroad with your family is what these vacations are all about, so where you decide to go is so important. More and more families are choosing a cruise as their summer holiday, no matter where they live. If you’re considering a venture out onto the seas on a last minute 2014 cruise deal, here are a few things to think about before climbing aboard: 


Getting the best out of the cruise

Wide range of destinations

You’re able to visit many locations in a short time period on a cruise holiday. Say you wanted a northern-inclined vacation; you could visit Scandinavia and tour around the Baltic countries. If you were after a sun-drenched holiday, you could top up your tan while on a cruise around the Mediterranean.

Unpack only once

One of the biggest hassles of traveling with family is all the packing and unpacking at each new place. With a cruise, you only have to do it once. That means less time spent getting frustrated over lost swimming shorts and more time spent on having fun.

Activities all around

Cruise lines keep guests happy, active and steered away from boredom with a variety of on-board entertainment for all members of the family. Almost every cruise has a kids only program, where they can have their own fun and give the parents and grandparents a much-deserved break (or, from their perspective, get away from the olds!). Then you can all meet up for dinner and share your stories of the day.


Food galore

Anyone who gets the munchies in the middle of the night will welcome the unlimited food at any time of the day you can get on a cruise. If you fancy an ice cream at 10 am in the morning, the cruise line operator won’t stop you! From fresh salad bars to juicy lobster tail, there’s food for any appetite and all you have to do is choose. Another nice perk of being all out at sea!

Those minor inconveniences


The potential of getting seasick is a big factor for many, especially if you tend to suffer from motion sickness. There are different ways to cope with it, though, ranging from standard motion sickness pills to patches that are worn 24/7. The good news is that while there will be motion on the cruise ship, most of the time you hardly even notice you’re sailing. It’s only when you’re greeted by a magnificent sunset, you even realize that you’re on a ship.

Time at port

With most port docks at eight hours, it doesn’t lend to an in-depth look into where you are at. On the plus side, it’s still enough time that you can tell whether or not it’s a place that you’d like to visit again. If somewhere isn’t quite your cup of tea (it’s a cruise — why tea and not a cocktail!), you can just head back on-deck.


With only a couple of slight drawbacks, a cruise holiday is clearly something that all of a family can enjoy. If you’re lucky enough to bag yourself one at the last minute, you’re onto a winning vacation. So get your sea legs, bring the family, wave ahoy and relax.

Angela Murray is a holiday enthusiast, sun seeker, and, most importantly, mum to two children.

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