Family skiing resorts: Hitting the slopes together

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My son hates the cold and while in New York we had big plans for a snow resort. We never made it. But after this post I can't wait till he can regulate his temperature better and we can hit the slopes. 

Families with young children need to choose their ski resorts with care. Picking one at random could land you in an extreme-sports lover’s paradise that will confine you to the cabin. So, if you don’t want to watch your five year old, heart in throat, hurtle down a slope similar to a James Bond scene, take a look at our top resorts for the perfect winter getaway.

Just remember, there’s nothing like a spot of frostbite to ruin a snow-filled holiday. Keep yourself, and your little ones safe and warm in suitable clothing and footwear. For UK readers, online retailers such as Brantano offer excellent winter footwear, alongside men and women’s ski jackets at prices that you’ll struggle to beat. If you’re outside the UK, specialist like Skiershop can help you out. Opt for an insulated design in a bright colour to ensure you, and your family are visible to fellow skiers.


Sun Peaks – Canada

Developed in the 1990s, Sun Peaks has come along leaps and bounds in terms of accommodation, terrain and activities. Over 20 years ago, the resort was simply Tod Mountain - a local hill for the residents of nearby Kamloops. However, a purpose built village has changed things considerably.  It is particularly appealing to the family holiday maker due to the attractive setting and traffic-free main street – keeping the kids safer than safe.

Wengen – Switzerland  

Wengen is a charming traffic-free village, inhabited by the friendliest of locals and set among one of the most stunning backgrounds imaginable. Part of the Jungfrau region that includes the slopes of Grindelwald and nearby Mürren, Wengen is great for those looking for a relaxing break; for families and mixed groups of skiers and non-skiers who don’t take the descent of slopes too seriously.

Alpbach, Austria

The village of Alpach is one of the prettiest in Tirol – often winning awards for its impressive scenery and awe-inspiring views.  The resort is compact and full of charm, boasting slopes for all levels and ski schools for the kids. If a full day of skiing sounds too much, there is an indoor swimming pool to make a splash in along with outdoor ice rinks to test your balance and coordination.

Family skiing holidays are something to be cherished. You get to spend valuable time with your children in the fresh air – and if you’re anything like this blogger, will find yourself in many a snowball battles before the trip concludes.  

Forever travelling and trotting the globe, Sarah Black has a passion for all things cultural and one day hopes to turn her hobby into a career.

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