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Family Things To Do In Paris

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Josh and I have been to Paris, many moons ago, but the kids have not. Here's a great article which may even convince me to head back with the kids. 

Also known as the City of Love, Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, with lots of attractions for couples looking for a way to spend their vacation in a breathtakingly beautiful, historic place. However, it is also a city that has a lot to offer for families. Whether you are planning to visit the city with younger kids or you want to show the beauties and the excitement of Paris to your teenage children, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

To make it all easier for you, here are a few tips about how to make your stay in Paris the most enjoyable for adults and kids alike.

Visit Disneyland

Disneyland is certainly a must-see for any family visiting Paris. The place actually comprises not one, but two huge parks – the older Disneyland Park and the newer Walt Disney Studios Park, offering not only a wonderful opportunity for kids to explore the universe of their favorite cartoons or movies, but also for adults to have a glimpse of how movies are made. The themed areas include Cinderella’s Castle and a Pirates of the Caribbean zone, to mention just two of the major attractions in the original Disneyland, while in the newer studio-themed area you can take the tram and look behind the scenes.

Visit the Tuileries Garden

The garden spreads over more than 60 acres of land on the bank of the river Seine and besides its beautiful, romantic paths, its amazing statues and trees it is also home to the second largest fun fair in Paris. Your kids will be surely delighted to try the beautiful, wooden merry-go-rounds made in the 19th century and they will enjoy the well-known ferris wheel called Grand Roue, the trampolines, the ghost trains and the toboggans as well. Entry to the garden area is free, you will only have to pay a small fee for the rides.

Visit the Luxembourg Gardens

Puppet shows, playgrounds complete with sandpits, the city’s oldest and most famous carousel, pony rides, competitions and all these in a beautiful and safe, 25-hectare park – if these possibilities sound attractive to you and your kids, the Jardin du Luxembourg is awaiting you and your family. With ice-cream stands and vendors of other Parisian culinary delights, your kids will be able to try out not only activities, but the world-famous French cuisine as well.


Visit the Menagerie in the Jardin du Plantes

Though it is not as big as the zoo of Paris, the Menagerie is much easier to get to and it is the ultimate family-friendly place, offering kids the possibility to encounter large cats, red pandas and primates.

Who doesn't love the zoo?

Visiting Museums

Parisian museums also have lots of special, family-friendly programs and attractions. The Museum of Natural History has a special treasure hunt program for kids aged 6-12, while the Magic Museum will entertain the entire family with its magic demonstrations and its huge collection of moving figures called automates.

These are only a few of the places you can visit and enjoy with your family. If you're not sure about the itineraries to take or prefer to be guided by a professional, you can contact a Paris sightseeing tour. Then you will see that Paris is an amazing city not only for those looking for romance, but also for families with kids of any age.

Dan is an avid traveller. This time, he is exploring Paris with his family. The first time was with his wife, but the real surprise of Paris came when he returned with his family. 

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Posted by Charlie Dempsey on
Thank you Dan for these precious advices  I was in Paris a few months ago and I loved it ! You can also visit the center of the city on Segway, it will give you a nice overview. I tried and it was fantastic ! We had a really nice tour with an amazing guide with this company : You can do it with the children, it's nice !
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