Finding Sunglasses For Kids And Adults…A Mission Made Easy Or At Least A Little Easier!

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I rarely am without sunglasses when I travel and they are one of my favourite things to buy as well. So thanks to Morgan for this informative post on making sure I have the right time next time I buy. Do you love sunglasses shopping on vacation?

When looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses for day-to-day use, there are a few important things we think about. Do they suit my face? Will they look good with any outfit? How much are they? Yet when it comes to sunglasses that are fit for travelling with, it’s a little more complicated; we want something we can wear all day. Whether we’re lounging on the beach or trying out paddleboarding for the first time, comfort is key. This means they have to be lightweight, durable and well made.

For those of us that not only have to find the perfect pair for ourselves but also for our rather fussy youngsters the challenge is even bigger. When it comes to finding a pair of sunnies for our children we want something more than comfort, we want to know that their eyes are really being protected from the harsh UV rays. Practicality, functionality and comfort are paramount. You could be going on a day out to the park, a weekend hiking trip or even around the world cruise but sunglasses are an essential item we all pack alongside, insect repellant, sunscreen and our superman band-aids. 

You should look for sunnies that are made from high grade plastic as this will survive a few good knocks, from children and adults alike. Frames made from acetate or plastic will ensure durability and comfort, no matter the weather, activity, child or parent wearing them. Choose pair that also have polarized lenses as they reduce the glare from reflective surfaces like water, sand and even tarmac. Especially great if you plan on taking the little ones out on the open water for a fishing trip, or are going on a long road trip. For kids we recommend these, Polaroid PLD 8016/N Polarised sunglasses as they tick all the boxes, and come in a variety of colours so that even the fussiest child will find their favorite colour.

If your favorite pair of sunnies was last seen somewhere between that safe place you put them in and the airport then maybe you need sunglasses that can be easily stashed into your jacket pocket or zip up pouch on your backpack. There are some great folding sunglasses that could make them the perfect travel companion for the clumsy, distracted or even distressed adult travelling with children. We recommend the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Folding 710 sunglasses as they fold up neatly and are small enough to be easily packed away whilst travelling. This also makes them great for travelling with limited luggage space as you can make use of smaller compartments in your rucksack or purse.

Our Top Tips for Choosing Sunglasses for Travel:

  • Lightweight: look for acetate or plastic frames that aren’t super bulky, as they won’t be heavy
  • Comfortable: do the frames curve a little towards the face and are the temple pieces well shaped to sit gently for long periods. Also check whether the nose pads or area look like they’ll fit comfortably
  • UV Protection: look for sunnies which have a high UV protection rating and block both UV and UVB rays
  • Sturdy: plastic and acetate frames will be able to handle a little careless handling so will last longer.
  • Polarised Lenses: spending a little extra on this is a great investment, as reducing harsh glares protects your eyes in the long run
  • Prescription: if you or your child needs prescription lenses check that the frames you or they like can be ordered or purchased with the correct prescription

Morgan loves travel and everything related to it even those travelling disasters where you’re delayed for 15 hours in a foreign airport with no phone. She loves exploring the world and immersing herself in new cultures and pushing herself to try new and exciting things.

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