Five Family-Friendly European Destinations

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Guess who's heading to Europe?! We are! This post has come in very handy for our family plans. We already have plans for Turkey, Italy, France and Greece... Guess I'll have to add Portugal to the list too now. 

Holidaying with the kids is not always easy and aside from the constant yells of “are we there yet?” you must also face the difficulty of deciding where to go. Whereas family holidays once consisted of trips to coastal regions on home soil, nowadays, there are far more options available.

Here we look at five family-friendly options in Europe to give you some inspiration for your next trip away.


While Paris might be a leading city break destination, with DisneyLand a popular option for younger kids, there is plenty more on offer in this fantastic country. Opio en Provencefound to the south is a perfect example and combines the exquisite scenery of olive groves and pine forests with plenty of family-friendly activities.

Alternatively, those planning a winter trip can journey to Charmonix Mont Blanc, which lies on the French border with Switzerland and Italy and is a great skiing destination with facilities that cater to all ages and abilities.



Another country with plenty of family-friendly options on offer, our pick of the crop is Calabria. A coastal area right in the toe of Italy, this southern destination has a lot going on.

A thriving tourist area, you’ll find plenty of resorts tailored to family needs here with Napitia from Club Med being the perfect example. You can visit for more information on the resorts available for your family holiday.


An ancient country, often considered the birthplace of modern civilisation, you’ll find plenty of family-orientated options here. Athens might be a little too serious for younger travellers, although there are plenty of great attractions for history lovers, so why not journey to one of the numerous islands instead? Here you’ll find calm beaches, clear waters and plenty of fun activities for the kids to enjoy.


Emerging from the shadow of neighbouring Spain, Portugal is fast becoming the new go-to destination for families. The Algarve is perhaps the best known region with a fantastic selection of golf courses to keep adults amused whilst kids can explore the beautiful natural surroundings and shopping opportunities or take part in water sports down at the coast.

Water parks are also a popular haunt for the British traveller, offering an adrenalin-packed day out for kids and adults alike.


Another emerging destination, Turkey has plenty to offer families. Most famous for its cuisine and culture, Club Med has plenty of family resorts here so you can explore this exotic region which blends the Mediterranean with the European for a truly unique mix.

Aside from the cultural aspects, Turkey also has a proud history which makes it ideal for those who want to combine a sun-kissed family break with educational excursions. 


Written by Tasnim in conjunction with ClubMed.

Tasnim Niger is an experienced writer, who likes to travel. She has a strong proficiency in writing and research and is eager to travel more of the world. 

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