Five Fantastic Fishing Destinations Around the Globe

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Josh and I have only ever been fishing in Puerto Rico where Josh caught the big one. It was a fun day and I'd like to head out and do it again. 

To escape the trials and tribulations of daily life, a lot of people will go fishing for some much needed peace and tranquility. This makes the thought of participating in this much-loved pastime while on holiday understandably very appealing.

However, fishing in foreign lands isn’t always still and serene. Deep-sea excursions and riverboat trips can be extremely exhilarating and offer a touch of the new. But regardless of whether you want a hushed or heady experience, here are five fantastic fishing destinations around the globe.

The Bahamas

While the majority of those that visit the Bahamas are quite content with the beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, intrepid anglers will be eager to take advantage of the numerous fishing opportunities on offer.

On fishing charters, you can attempt to catch a prized marlin or try and beat one of the 50 world fishing records set here. Even first-time casters are well catered for, as you can wade through the saltwater flats in search of some bonefish.


You might be surprised to hear that this thriving Centre of commerce is also a superb place to go fishing. In fact, there are few better backdrops in the world than Dubai’s mesmerizing skyline, which is what makes this particular fishing destination so unique.

On a Dubai fishing trip in the Persian Gulf, you can expect to catch anything from Cobia and Travallies to Snappers and Barracudas. You’ll be able to bask in the perpetually pleasant sunshine, which can be enjoyed all year round, while you fish in this destination.


Owing to the fact that fishing is a popular pursuit in India, nearly every inch of the country has angling potential. In coastal regions, you can cast traditional nets alongside local fishermen, but India’s rivers are sure to be the biggest draw.

Some streams come from the Himalayas, while others pass through deep forests, but nearly all of India’s fish-rich rivers will have a distinctive characteristic.

South Africa

With the choice of two oceans and an abundance of dams, lakes, rivers, and streams, South Africa is a dream-come-true for fishing enthusiasts. This remarkable country also has some marvelous scenery for company.

Almost 15 per cent of all coastal marine species can be found off South Africa’s shoreline, but if you’d prefer to perfect the art of fly fishing, head inland to the country’s mountainous regions.


If you’re going to the popular Costa Brava, Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol, then fishing trips in the Mediterranean are a distinct possibility. On these excursions, you can expect to catch swordfish and spotted bass.

However, Spain’s rivers and lakes should not be overlooked. In the Nature Parks of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas and of Sierra Nevada, there are 64 fishing preserves ready to be explored.

So, from deep sea fishing trips in remarkable surroundings to authentic angling along peaceful rivers, there are countless ways you can experience this popular pastime while on holiday, wherever you end up going.

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Chris Beattle is a student who spends most weekends fishing with his grand dad. He spent a gap year visiting bucket list destinations where he fished in over 20 different countries. 

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