Five U.S. States to See The Best of Fall

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Fall, or Autumn, is a season which immediately strikes you with beautiful images. Golden and red leaves, a quiet turn from the heat of summer to the cold of winter, mugs with hot drinks – it’s all something quite comfortable and lovely to think about. If anywhere does Fall properly, it’s the United States. With some of the most beautiful autumnal vistas available, you’d be mad not to book your next trip to the USA to coincide with this amazing time. Here are a few of the best places to check it out.


Vermont is a North-Eastern state in the U.S, part of the original 13 of the Union. It boasts forest over three quarters of the state being covered in forest. If you wanted somewhere to see autumn colours, this is the spot! If you hire a car, you’ll be able to drive some routes which are perfectly suited to seeing and maybe grabbing a photo of these amazing tree-filled views. Route 100 is one, with no billboards lining the edges of the road, so your views are completely unobstructed. Bring a camera and you’ll be spoilt for choice of shots. With some small towns sitting on the edge of rivers throughout the state, you’d be silly not to stop off at one of them and to take it easy. What could be better than enjoying a hot drink on the banks of the river, looking at the gold and orange views across from you?


Colorado is known for its mountains and wildlife, and its forests are part and parcel of that. With one of the longest autumn seasons in the USA, you just have to pick an area based on elevation and you’ll be able to catch it – the higher up you go, the earlier you’ll be able to see it. Perhaps you can try Trail Ridge Road, which is the highest continuous paved road in North America, and goes through Rocky Mountain National Park.  Majestic and beautiful, it’s just the spot to see the falling leaves. Although the scenery in Colorado is beautiful all through the year, it’s hard to beat that Fall look.

New York

Although by New York we mean the state, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy seeing that autumnal colour palette in the city, too! Central Park is the biggest park in New York City, and if you’re visiting there on your holiday to the USA then you’ll almost definitely be stopping off here. Being in the middle of the city makes it very convenient to see the seasons change without having to travel very far at all – convenient! Feel like getting out of the city? Take a drive up to Hudson Valley, which it further up the river winding through the city itself, and you won’t even realise you’re just a couple of hours from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

North Carolina

North Carolina has its own fair share of natural areas to see Fall, with plenty of mountains to see it early! Blue Ridge Parkway is possibly the best place to see it, with its highest point being 6053ft. Hugely popular with locals and visitors, it’s not the be missed. If you want something surrounded by nature, check Cloudland Canyon State Park. Filled with waterfalls and natural water features throughout the forest, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy a hike in some of the most scenic vistas imaginable.


The other options we’ve listed have provided lots of scenic mountain views, and deep forest spread over them. Michigan can offer you something a little different. With lakes being part of the landscape of the state, you can travel near to Lake Superior and see the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Waterfalls here are absolutely beautiful, and you can even stop for a photograph the Au Sable Light Station.

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