An Essential Guide to the Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking Prices

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Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking Prices

If you don't plan for long-term parking at Fort Lauderdale airport, you might get stuck in the overflow lot and have to walk a long way to the terminals. Do you want to rely on a last-minute parking spot FLL and try to get from the terminal by this distant lot, particularly as the overflow lot is situated on the opposite side of the airport premises.? The main parking structures at FLL will also be better and safer than the overflow lot. Go to to get reliable parking services at affordable rates.


Because Parkos's daily parking partners are inside the city limits of Fort Lauderdale, the free shuttle may take up to fifteen minutes to take you to your destination. Since the shuttle service is always available, there are shorter wait times than the airport shuttle.


The complex of parking garages provides a wide range of amenities for you to use in connection with your parking reservation. This building keeps up its high level of quality. You can add extra services to your reservation, such as rotating the tires, washing the car, and charging an electric vehicle. As part of the free shuttle service for the airport terminal, people with bags are helped. It's easy to get to the airport from there.


Parkos's goal is to as much as possible streamline and enhances the user experience with airport parking. They like to hear from you and get your feedback so Parkos can improve their parking services and make sure their customers continue to enjoy working with them.

Disabled People Parking Access

People who have trouble moving their upper bodies now have a new place to go, at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Every parking lot has an ADA Parking Access Feature that lets people get in without getting a ticket. The device uses a loudspeaker and a remote camera to get information about your car as soon as you leave the parking lot. All parking garages have designated spaces for people with disabilities. 

Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking Options and Costs

At Fort Lauderdale International Airport, you can park your car in the Palm and Hibiscus garages. The building just got a makeover that cost many millions of dollars. Short-term and long-term parking at FLL can cost anywhere from USD 3 per hour to USD 25 per day. Here are some choices and how much they cost. The airport can change parking fees at any time without giving notice.

FLL Long-Term Parking

The Palm & Hibiscus Garages, curbside valet, off-parking with shuttle facility, overflow parking, and curbside parking are among the long-term parking choices at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. The old economy parking lot at the FLL is no longer in use and can only be used by FLL staff. One of the garages on-site costs $15 per day to park in for a long time. You can book a spot at an off-site parking lot for as little as $5 if you want the best long-term airport parking.

FLL Short-Term Parking

You can park at Palm & Hibiscus Garage for an hour or the whole day. People who only ought to park for a few hours can choose hourly parking. People who need to park for several days can choose daily parking or economy parking. Here is a list of how much short-term parking costs.

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