Four alternative holiday activities to try this summer

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I do love the beach, but Chris has a point. I wonder what weird and wonderful things we can find during our visit to Canada this summer- other then the wolves?

If you've had enough of sunbathing on the beach or trawling the shops on holiday and you want to enjoy a vacation with a difference this year, it's time to push the boundaries and book something out of the ordinary. To fire up your imagination, here are four quirky holiday activities that you may never have considered before.

Mongol warrior image by hslo, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

Bring out your inner warrior in Mongolia

How about experiencing life as a Mongol warrior? On these unusual package trips to Mongolia, you’ll get to see what it was like to be a fighter under the fierce leader Genghis Khan. 

Staying in nomadic tents and wearing traditional dress, you’ll try your hand at everything from bow and arrow making to horse riding, lassoing, archery, field cooking and more. The trips last for nine days and are available from late April until September. 

Take an over-50s music tour

If you’re over 50, why not take a music tour designed especially with your age group in mind? You can choose from a host of touring holidays focussing on anything from jazz to opera or classical music. 

These trips offer you the chance to take in festivals and live bands, and to meet like-minded people. Whether you want to catch some opera in Verona, experience a Gilbert and Sullivan tour along the Rhine or enjoy some jazz and blues in Lisbon, you should be able to find an itinerary that suits.

Search for wolves in Canada

For something a little wilder, perhaps a search for wolves in Canada would fit the bill. Winter trips are available to the rugged yet beautiful Prince Albert National Park in the province of Saskatchewan in central Canada. There, you’ll get to traverse the frozen ground in snowshoes and ride dog sleds in a bid to get up close to the elusive and fascinating grey wolf.

Enter a world of elves in Iceland

Last but by no means least on this list, how about entering a world of magic and elves in Iceland? Packages are available to the picturesque port town of Hafnarfjördur, which is famous for having one of the country’s largest settlements of elves, dwarves and other supernatural entities. 

Legend suggests that these ‘hidden folk’ live in the rocks that are part of the town’s centre and special tours will transport you into their mystical world.

With great vacation options like these on offer, surely it’s time to say goodbye to beach holidays and embrace the extraordinary.

Chris Beatle describes himself as delightfully strange. He's never been into those tourist spots. He likes off the beaten path, unusual, strange. Which makes the most wonderful accompaniment for travel. 

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