How to Plan a French Luxury Holiday for a Relaxing and Enriching Stay

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If you want to plan your holiday in style, stay at the best luxury villa or chateaux and enjoy all the refined foods, stunning venues, and special spots for a romantic getaway that France has to offer, it is essential to plan ahead. The following steps and luxury travel ideas should help you with that initiative, ensuring that you’ll have a fulfilling and rewarding time each and every minute of your stay.

1. Find the Right Kind of Accommodation

Even in the first stages of planning your trip to France, you should immediately begin thinking about where you’re going to stay. The ability to rent luxury villa Spain or France, experts in tourism might recommend, is one of the main points to consider. You should start by checking out the services of a renowned agency like ChicVillas, which specializes in authentic luxury villas and cottages, and can undoubtedly provide you with something more than suitable, as well as very relaxing and in close proximity to all the places you want to visit.

Spain and France have similar guidelines and standards regarding luxury accommodation, and if you’ve already been to Spain for a relaxing holiday, you’ll probably run into fewer issues. If you use ChicVillas, you’ll also find that your expectations will be far exceeded and you can personalize your stay to a great extent, as well.

2. Decide on the Length of Holiday

Planning your itinerary can be a difficult task. However, if you know how long you want to stay, you can be pretty accurate with it. Generally, for a 3-5 day trip, you can opt for a short road trip or a longer stay in one or two specific locations, like Paris, Lyon, Marseilles or Lille. These are some of the cities with the richest history and the most unique places to visit. You might also want to look at the option of choosing group package tours to enjoy a richer experience and make the most out of each specific place you visit.

3. Include a Beach

It’s no secret that France has over 1,200 miles of beautiful, sandy beaches. Whether you choose to stay longer or just for a few days, it’s worth renting a car and packing up your bathing suit for a day at the beach, even if you booked a villa somewhat farther away. If you want the most absolutely enriching experience, consider the Provençal coast or the legendary Côte-d'Azur for an unforgettable experience, or head to St. Tropez for some of the best private beach clubs in all of France.

4. Choose the Coolest Places to Visit

There are many who would say that visiting France without seeing at least one or two of the places mentioned below is simply a waste. One is the Loire Valley with its outstanding wine tasting and beautiful castles. Another is Provence, where there’s hardly any traffic, and you can enjoy the cleanest air and water and the best organic produce. Another great place to consider is Dordogne, which is famous for Bergerac wines, as well as for producing sturgeon and beer.

Finally, a truly memorable trip to France is one that includes a visit to the legendary French riviera. Here, sun-seekers will enjoy perfect weather almost every time, and there are beaches for every preference. Moreover, the outstanding food, winter skiing facilities, and gorgeous color of the sea you get with the views at some of the beautiful local villas will make you want to stay there forever.

Chateau Chambord in Loire Valley

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