Get Huge Hotel Discounts From People Who Can't Use Their Non-refundable Rooms

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Always love hearing about new websites offering us savings on rooms as we travel, so thanks Roomer for the introduction. 

Cheap hotel rooms are not easy to come by. Not since the time you were willing to share a 1-bedroom with 6 friends after high school graduation. Back then, travelling on a tight budget was an adventure. Now, comfort is more of a priority.

The good news is, high-quality hotel rooms can be at your reach because someone out there is stuck with the accommodation you want.

Their hotel won’t give them their money back since they bought the reservation at a non-refundable rate, and so they're willing to sell their hotel room at a discounted rate, to make back at least some of their money, and you get to enjoy the discount hotel price.

This is now easily available with Roomer.

Roomer have found a way to take advantage of non-refundable hotel rooms.

There is now an easy way to take advantage of other people's empty hotel rooms. Roomer’s marketplace allows unfortunate travelers to list their non-refundable hotel rooms, at discounted rates.

You enter the details of your ideal hotel room, and Roomer brings up all the best deals, according to your needs, travel dates, and price range.

Alternatively, we found that simply looking through the marketplace brought up fantastic offers we did not anticipate, in places we would not have thought to look.

Once you find your hotel room, booking seems to be as easy as with any other travel website. And, in addition to the financial savings, there are extra perks to booking this way.

Verified and secure booking process

Even when you book through a reputable agency, certain hotels are unfortunately notorious for misleading you. What you get isn’t always exactly what was promised. Or you arrive and they've given your room away (it’s amazing how often this happens!).

Roomer, however, verifies all the details of your booking. They have to make sure that the seller is being honest, and in doing so they ensure that the hotel is being candid too.

Buying through Roomer is completely secure. Although you're purchasing a hotel room from another traveler, rather than the hotel itself, you never have to deal with that person.

Your details are never even exchanged. Payments are done through Roomer’s secure system, ensuring that you're not at risk of theft or fraud.

Benefitting the travel industry

It’s not only you who’s saving money. The hotel industry itself loses millions in revenue from empty hotel rooms - despite the fact that they still get paid. All the money spent on in-house services is lost.

They also lose the opportunity for reviews and recommendations, and it hurts their image when they're not full - this is especially true for small boutique hotels.

For this reason, Roomer is in partnership with hotels and travel agents, which allows them to offer the best prices even on rooms that are not as yet booked.

Secure booking of your room

New and more efficient way for booking your next trip

Once you've used Roomer for the first time, you're never going back to the old way. You'll get to travel more often, at low rates, rather than having to save up for the occasional big trip.

Roomer is based in New York, and operates worldwide. Listings are intercontinental.

It makes no sense to book a hotel room at exorbitant rates when the one next door sits empty. Next time you're looking to take a vacation, take a look at Roomer’s top 100 destinations, and save hundreds of dollars.

Alex Rogers is travelling all over the globe and sharing his wisdom to help fellow travelers maximise the experience.

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