How to Get a Turkey Visa Quickly and Easily

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If you plan to visit Turkey any time soon, and you don’t live in one of the countries that are exempt from requiring a visa, such as the UK, then you will need a Turkey visa in order to get into the country.

Without a valid visa, you will be turned back by the Turkish immigration officials as soon as your plane lands. Even underage children and teens are required to have a valid visa, before they can be allowed in.

Fortunately, the Turkey visa is an online travel permit and is not that difficult to obtain.

Why Do You Need a Turkey Visa?

A visa is an official travel authorization that people from certain countries need in order to enter the country that requires it. People entering Turkey from countries like the UK and Australia, which are not exempt from a Turkish visa, will require this authorization prior to entering Turkey, even if they already have a passport and all their other documents check out.

Whether you’re a tourist, you’re traveling for business, or you’re going to Turkey on your honeymoon, chances are you will require a Turkish visa. The good news is that, instead of going through the difficult process of getting a regular visa, you can now apply for one online through an extremely easy process. Before you apply, review the latest official list of visa-free countries from Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Benefits of an E-Visa for Turkey

A Turkey visa provided and paid for online has many advantages that you might not have thought of: 

  • If you live in a remote area, you might have to travel to a major city (like London) just to get your visa at the embassy. The expenses and hassle associated with this process can be circumvented by getting a convenient e-visa.
  • An e-visa is also less expensive than a regular visa or a visa-on-arrival, which is a clear and definite advantage, if you’re on a strict budget.
  • You will save a lot of time and energy, since the process of applying for an e-visa takes only a few minutes.
  • Your approval will also take only a very short time to go through, and you can often get your visa in record time.

Applying for Your Visa: A Quick and Simple Process

Applying for a visa for Turkey is not at all a difficult process. In fact, you can conveniently get a response in just a few minutes, and it will only cost you £44.95 per person.

By using the online application form for Turkey, you can apply for your visa by providing just some basic personal information and quickly completing your application form in less than 10 minutes. You can then move on to pay your fee securely via one of a number of online payment options, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Your visa will then be sent to your email in the shortest time possible – with urgent applications being responded to in less than 15 minutes.

How to Use Your E-Visa

Once your visa has been issued, you will receive a confirmation email, so be careful to enter your email address correctly during the application process. Simply print the attachment – black and white is fine – and carry it with you when you travel to Turkey. Keep in mind you need 1 printout per traveler. After landing in Turkey, follow the signs to the immigration area. Present this document along with your passport to the immigration official and they will scan the barcode on your e-visa to verify its validity and stamp your passport. This process takes just a few seconds. Once approved, continue walking towards baggage claim, and you’re done. Welcome to Turkey!


Obtaining an e-visa at short notice before traveling to Turkey can make life a lot easier. You won’t have to visit the embassy, and you won’t need to go through a complex and tedious process each time you plan to travel from the UK to Turkey. Just apply for your convenient Turkey visa online, and all those difficulties will become a thing of the past.

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