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Some great gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas season. Which would you appreciate the most?

Do you have friends, family or colleagues who are about to head off on their next exciting adventure or just simply love travel? No matter if they are cruise-ship junkies, solo travellers, travel in large groups or with small, specialist companies (such as Gypsian Boutique Tours) – every traveller needs an arsenal of products to make their journeys easier, safer and more comfortable.

Premium Carry-On Bags

Staying within strict weight restrictions for checked baggage is a common challenge for most travellers. Frequent flyers know how important it is take as much as possible on board, thereby getting the most of the carry-on luggage allowance – usually about 7kg. Achieving this, however, usually means cramming and squashing as much as you can into one bag. This makes getting quick access to items very tricky indeed.

Fortunately, luggage manufacturers have recognised and responded to this problem. It’s now possible to buy carry-on bags and cases that provides multiple, zipped compartments for ultimate organisation and access. In addition, many of these designs are also theft proof as they are constructed of high-tech fabrics or hard polycarbonate shells to prevent slashing or being forced open. These materials are also super lightweight and durable, so they won’t take too much of the carry-on weight allowance and they’ll withstand years of punishment by baggage handlers.

Cross-Body Bags

Staying on the luggage theme, other fantastic travel gifts are theft-proof personal items like cross-body (messenger) bags, small backpacks, shoulder or hip bags and even camera bags. Once again, all of these products can be constructed of high-quality, slash-proof materials that are also durable and lightweight. They also take personal organisation to the next level with individually accessible compartments for key travel accessories. Scrambling around in a bag looking for airline tickets, passports or other travel documents is now a thing of the past with these purpose-made bags.


The Swiss Army knife has long been a stalwart for all types of travellers, particularly those travelling independently such as backpackers. However, this humble item has now been redesigned into sleek, modern designs and offers savvy travellers complete style and convenience. There are now more manufacturers making these products now, so make sure you have a good look around at the range of ultra-handy multi-tools now on offer.

Survival Pack For Long-Haul Flights

Most of us love handmade gifts. While this isn’t ‘handmade’ as such, it’s a carefully planned and ‘hand-selected’ travel gift that will really impress. Long-haul flights are arduous and something that almost every traveller dreads. Make up a ‘care pack’ for your friend or family member that consists of:

• Noise-cancelling or isolating headphones (budget permitting)

• A pack of ear plugs

• A comfortable eye mask

• An inflatable neck pillow

• A small pack of tissues

• Travel socks – to provide warmth and encourage good circulation

• Personal products to overcome the incredibly drying cabin air, such as a hydrating face and body spray (make sure it’s less than 100mL to meet airline restrictions), lubricating eye drops and moisturising nasal spray (e.g. FESS Frequent Flyer).

No matter what type of traveller you’re buying for, there are some gifts that are universally useful and will enhance anyone’s journey – regardless of where they’re going and for how long.

Dorothy loves travelling, clicking pictures on-the-go and the best part is she loves to gift the useful things to those who are travelling. She is currently fulfilling her dream of travelling around the world. 

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