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There's so much to do in London, you'll never run out. So if you enjoy social drinking and can find a babysitter for the night, a pub crawl could be a fun option.

Nothing beats a London Pub Crawl in terms of having fun at night in this magical city. With the most cultured clubs, pubs and bars any city can ever have, you never run out of things to do when you are in London for a pub crawl. Whether you are new to London or have been here for a while, you need to take a pub crawl such as the Camden Pub Crawl.

Here are the reasons why the London Pub are great:

Free bar entries

Once you land the London Pub Crawl handband, you will have a free pass into five bars or clubs or pubs or a mix of each. Five clubs aren’t easy to handle if you are not a true party animal. In fact, you will need to put on your best version to make it through all the fun.

Free shots

Each pub, bar or club you visit will give you a free shot. What better way to start off the night than with shots of your favorite drinks? On any London Pub Crawl, that is guaranteed. Not one, but five shots for free in each destination you stop by on the pub crawl. The choice of the drinks is all yours to make.

Deals on drinks

Once the lovely bartenders see the London Pub Crawl band on your wrist, they know you are an automatic VIP. You thus have a choice of getting your drinks at a very discounted price compared to the rest of the revelers. You will not just be saving yourself money, but you will be having the best time of your life for next to nothing. 

The awesome hosts

Those who have been on a London Pub Crawl will tell you that what you will be meeting won't be hosts but friends. They will not only serve you the best drinks but will also ensure you are having the best time of your life. From the drinks to the best seats in the house to the rest of the fun at night, you can never run out of things to do when you are in the right hands.

Dedicated photographer

Once you down two or more drinks, your shot won't be that perfect and, luckily, the guys at the London Pub Crawl know that. That is why they will be giving you a dedicated photographer to take the very best shots of you having fun. This is not a random guy or lady chosen to snap away moments in your life. Rather, they will be professional photographers that will immortalize the best moments of you having fun. That Superman pose you made on the table last night? 

Well, you need only ask and you will be presented with a picture of you looking super.

The London Pub Crawl is one of the best experiences you can have whether you are a partygoer or not. If you are a resident of London, never miss out on this fun. If you are a visitor, this is one memory you can't just miss.

Tyler is one such traveler who wants to have fun in the night. While traveling to London he found London Pub Crawl and he is sure that nothing can beat this.

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