Top Three Hair Transplant Clinics in London

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Over the years, it has become increasingly glaring that loads of people experience hair loss. For instance, around fifty percent and sixty percent of women and men experience it, respectively. In turn, it became necessary to react to its predominance. Over the years, various treatments have subsequently emerged. However, today, hair transplant remains the most effective.

Loss of hair can cause panic in an individual. It is a reminder of our mortality and, most times, not considered to be attractive in society. Therefore, when a person notices that he has begun to lose his hair, panic sets in. In that state of panic, any option looks good. There are many clinics not up to the bar, offering cheap hair transplant services to customers. They take advantage of this panic and carry out sub-par services.

This is why it is important to make calm and rational decisions. You must choose a good clinic that offers good hair transplantation services to clients. We have assisted you in listing three of the top hair transplant clinics in the United Kingdom. They are the Capilclinic, Harley Street Healthcare Clinics, and the Treatment Rooms London.

Best hair transplant clinics in London

Capilclinic, United Kingdom

Capilclinic is a clinic located in London that provides hair transplant procedures for clients with hair loss problems. The clinic boasts a state-of-the-art facility and a team of experienced professionals in hair transplantation to provide patients with the best care.

Like other branches, the London branch enjoys the service of various hair transplant specialists. This team is now led by a renowned surgeon who brings his vast experience in hair transplantation and enjoys the support of a professional medical team to provide the highest quality hair transplanting services to clients from all across the world. These other doctors and surgeons boast of robust, decade-long experience when it comes to hair transplantation surgeries.

This clinic deals with different hair loss treatments and different hair regrowth methods, such as simple hair thickeners, hair loss drugs, and wigs. However, the clinic remains widely acclaimed for its use of FUE techniques in hair transplant surgeries. The cost associated with hair transplants in this clinic is quite cheap. This clinic also provides other ranges of extra services, including eyebrow hair transplants and eyelash transplants.

The clinic is located at No. 130, Harley Street, London (W1G 7JU). You can count on the best service.

Harley Street Healthcare Clinics

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic offers advanced hair transplantation methods and the most minimally invasive techniques available on the market. The clinic is well known for its services.

The clinic is made up of an experienced medical team that uses its own customized Graft Harvesting Protocol in ensuring that the skin is kept smooth and without blemishes. This enables patients to enjoy a hair transplant without worries of others finding out that they've done a transplant. Not even their barber would be able to tell the difference.

Harley Street Clinic specializes in the use of the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure. This technique of hair transplantation is also regarded as the FUE technique. Generally, the FUE technique possesses several benefits compared to the strip technique. One of such benefits is that it requires a fewer number of medical personnel during the operation. This limits the possibility of error.

The FUE technique is the most advanced method at present. It is the best out of the other hair transplant procedure available. The FUE technique has multiple sub-categories. They include Undetectable FUE, Robotic FUE, and the Ultra Refined FUE.

Harley Street is one of the best at restoring your hair and carrying out effective and efficient hair transplantation in London. There are other branches of the clinic located across popular locations, including Manchester and Birmingham Victoria Square.

The Harley Street Healthcare Clinic, London, has a license from the Regulatory Standards and Care Quality Commission of the United Kingdom. So, you can be sure that this clinic will provide quality services to you as its clients.

The clinic is centrally located at No. 22, Harley Street, London (W1G 9PL). You can contact them for consultation.

The Treatment Rooms London

The Treatment Rooms is a London-based clinic headed by Dr. Roshan Vara and Dr. Dilan Fernando. They have both been called the fastest rising stars in using FUE hair transplant techniques, according to, the online fashion blog and magazine. The Treatment Rooms provides high-quality hair transplantation services.

Patients are cared for properly and guided through the entire process by a team of hair transplant surgeons who are industry leaders. Patients get quality care from the initial first contact, get walked through the entire journey, and then provide comprehensive after-care services.

The Treatment Rooms is well known for integrating a personal experience into their hair transplantation services. Unlike other clinics, which are more focused on saving costs and prices, the Treatment Rooms run by Dr. Vara and Dr. Fernando place more importance on providing quality care and the best outcomes for hair transplantation for their clients.

This treatment clinic boasts of a clientele that cuts across people from different parts of the world. These individuals have also provided tons of testimonials and 5-star reviews over the years. The Treatment Rooms is located at No. 278, Upper Richmond Road, London (SW15 6TQ).


You must go to a certified clinic to carry out your hair transplantation clinic to ensure a successful surgery. This is why we have provided three of the best options that you can opt for. So, now, you can go ahead to compare the offers and packages provided by these different clinics and pick the best one for you. For more information about the clinics and packages, contact them via their contact information provided on their website.

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