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Costa Rica has long been on my list of places to visit and we haven't quite managed to get there yet. But when we do this is one of the top adventures we would love to have. Thanks Angelo. 

For anyone interested in white water rafting Costa Rica can be a majestic place where all the most intense, extreme and exciting currents will make you experience the real thrill of an exotic vacation. Whether you're interested in smaller, more manageable rapids or the most difficult and dangerous ones in the area, Costa Rica has the best locations for finding the ideal white water rafting areas.

What Is White Water Rafting?

If you want the most exciting experiences involving white water rafting, Costa Rica guides and experts are the best people to help you navigate them. But is white water rafting really for you?

White water includes anything from larger, safer and slower rivers with just a few gentler rapids, to strong, tight and twisty torrents where the water is bashed against the walls of a cliff so hard that it blends with air to form the thick, foamy mixture called white water. You can use intense white water rapids to pick up speed and have the most thrilling rafting experience any river can provide you with.

White Water Rafting: Costa Rica Vacations

Of course, before packing your raft and your life jacket, it's important to make sure you have all the information you need in order to plan your Costa Rica white water rafting vacation.

Choosing the right accommodation is of paramount importance. You need a good hotel that's close to the most significant white rafting locations you want to visit, as well as to all the best tour guides in the area. There are dozens of great hotels in Costa Rica you can choose from – especially in the San Jose area – that comply with all these requirements.

Also, it's good to know that travelling to Costa Rica can be a good idea all year round, and you have your fair share of choices when it comes to guides, whether you are looking for longer, more difficult rapids, or easy rapids with minimal visibility issues and a limited difficulty rating.

Safety Considerations

If you want to experience the best vacations involving white water rafting, Costa Rica experts will primarily recommend that you be as cautious as possible. Consider the following safety tips to observe during your vacations:

  • Choose a professional tour operator who can provide you with the most experienced and knowledgeable guides, and who know all about the main safety recommendations for white water rafting.
  • When rafting, always pay special attention to stay in the boat. While this may sound like common sense, it can be easy to overlook large rocks coming your way and lose balance.
  • Always wear the protective gear recommended or demanded by your guide.
  • Finally, listen to your guides at all costs. They are the professionals, and they have handled more dangerous situations than you'd care to count. If you want to stay safe, pay attention, follow their lead, and listen to any commands or advice they may have.

Of course, safety comes first; however, you will also find that in Costa Rica, your entire vacation will be an incredible adventure that will never bore you and provide you with the thrills that you've been looking for all along. When it comes to white water rafting, Costa Rica can be an excellent place to feel right at home and experience some of the most beautiful rapids you've ever seen.

Angelo Donahue left the United States to start a simpler life in Costa Rica. White water rafting may only be a hobby for her, but it's one she pursues in every country she visits. 

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