How To Keep Yourself Healthy While on The Road

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Just a few more days, and you're off on your business (or vacation) leave.

Whether you’re an exercise fanatic or someone who has recently started working out, you must be thinking about how to keep up with your daily workout routine and stay healthy while you’re on the road? 

To reduce your worries immediately, this is all possible. And even more surprisingly, you don’t have to bring the entire gym equipment on the road. This article can read about workouts that will keep you fit and healthy while traveling.

Necessary Daily Hydration

Before moving on to more detailed and to-the-point travel workouts, it’s essential to mention the key to staying healthy. The key is to have a bottle of H20 in your hand, purse, or backpack. Seriously, staying hydrated is the first step in maintaining health.

Travel can take time and tire you out, especially if the temperatures outside are high. Also, it can quickly happen that you get dizzy or you get car sick. Water is a must, especially then. However, you shouldn't think of it as an obligation while on the road - this should be a habit. For women, it is recommended to drink up to 2.7l per day, while for men, it’s 3.7l.

Morning Workout

Say you woke up earlier one morning, had breakfast, and realized that you have some spare time before your next thing. If the weather's on your side that day, you can look at it as an opportunity to do a quick morning workout. 

It's easy, and it'll get you up and running. First, you can start with some jumping exercises. If you're a beginner, start jumping for 30 seconds, then resting for 30.

If you don't have the "means" for the first one, you can take up a morning jog. All you need are comfortable sneakers. Get up, lace them up, choose the pace, and go for it - you will feel great.

Cardio Blast Workout

If you're looking to make up for the time lost at the gym, here is a bodyweight cardio blast exercise that'll do just fine as a replacement. Under this 20-minute exercise, there are four things you should do. You have jumping lunges. Wall sits with your hand up, jumping squats, and plank jacks. It is recommended that each exercise lasts for 1 minute, and you rest for another minute. Repeat this four times, and you're done.

This particular exercise is one of the best ways to prepare and get your body in shape before summer. Accordingly, you can see these exercises joined together and classified in X Weeks SummerChallenge, as it suits beginners and exercise enthusiasts.

Leg Day Workout

If you particularly enjoy doing "leg day," then this next DIY travel inner thigh workout will suit you perfectly. As we've progressed with workout types, you should remember that this is not exactly meant for beginners.

Under this thigh exercise, you can start with squat pulses with one foot in the air and alternating side lunges - 30 seconds each. Next, you move to skater hops for 15 seconds and jumping jacks for 15-30 seconds. To wrap it all up, do clamshells for 30 seconds. 

Again, it's not something a beginner will take up for sure. If you're motivated and energized, you can repeat it. If not, carry on with your day - you've tightened up your thighs with this one!

Arm Workout

For this on-the-road arm workout, you need to set aside 10 minutes of your morning routine. It is recommended that you repeat this cycle three times if you want visible results. If you are on a tight schedule, doing it once but in full mode is satisfactory. 

You can start by doing ten plank-ups and continue with ten lateral plank walks. Take a deep breath, drink some water, and then continue with an additional ten twists followed by push-ups and planks with shoulder taps. You can bring this short-arm exercise to an end with ten sharp mountain climbers.

Full Body Workout

Finally, we have the full-on body workout for those who have been missing and dreaming of the gym. Although it's a full-body exercise, it's estimated at 10 minutes to give you time to prepare for your other daily travel obligations.

Each exercise should take about 2 minutes, with 30 seconds rest after. If you've fallen out of shape, don't hesitate to get fresh air and water for a few seconds during the rest period.

First, you should do bodyweight squats. After, turn to regular push-ups and oblique planks with T-rotations. To end, you have alternating standing crunches.

Bottom Line

You don't have to pack your entire gym equipment to stay healthy and fit while on the road. On the contrary, there are dozens of adjustable and time-efficient exercises that you can take up every day. 

The essential thing while traveling, though, is to stay hydrated. Now that that's clear, you can think about some actual exercises like a morning jog or jumping rope for a couple of minutes.

Also, you can do cardio or a pretty satisfactory leg or arm day in the comfort of your own (hotel) room. The most you will need for this is a stopwatch on your smartphone, some comfortable clothes and sneakers, and goodwill. 

Do it for your health!

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