Why you should hop on a bus the next time you visit Majorca

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Travelling around Majorca is fun, exciting and most of all breathtakingly beautiful. The landscape is diverse and interesting with something for everyone to explore. Prehistorical settlements are combined with contemporary architecture and the local cuisine will leave you feeling positively ecstatic. 

The perfect way to travel around the island is to take the bus. It is convenient and relaxing, not to mention efficient. There are several rental companies around the island that for instance offer palma airport transfers bus options as well as additional alternatives. All you have to do is decide on your travel itinerary. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

Aside from being environmentally friendly, modern buses and coaches have a range of different comforts. It is possible to have comfortable, adjustable seats, Wi-Fi, GPS as well as air-condition and rigorous safety measurements in place. Companies such as Roig BUS have made it their business to provide state-of-the-art buses and coaches for all possible occasions. The service provided also include information on local traffic regulations and road safety. 

Once you have decided on which type of bus service to use, you are free to explore the beautiful island of Majorca. As Always there are certain things that should not be missed during your visit. 

8 places to visit in Majorca while taking the bus

1. Palma de Mallorca - the number one place to visit when travelling to Mallorca has to be the capital of Palma. Located close to the only airport on the island the city is the first one you will see when entering the country. 

In Palma you will be able to find anything and everything. There are beaches, castles, cathedrals and an old city centre that will enthral you. History is ever present in Palma and the city is a perfect blend of contemporary and ancient buildings. The food is incredible and the cultural aspects of the capital should not be missed as well. Even though the weather is incredible most of the time, dare to spend some time indoors and visit one of the many interesting museums. 

2. Deiá - this is the place to visit if you have your heart set on experiencing the artistic side of Majorca. The city has a long standing reputation for being the number one choice for artists looking for inspiration. Be it for writers, painters or musicians, Deiá is the perfect spot to go. 

The city also hosts an annual music festival and it is possible to go hiking and cycling as well.  

3. Cala Figuera - if you love seafood then this is the city for you. One of the islands many fishing ports, Cala Figuera, has a beautiful harbour and since it has been a fishing port for many centuries, historical features are still very much present giving the port an eclectic feel. This is also the place to visit if you like diving. 

4. Pollença - for an authentic fee, go to Pollença. Here there are almost no tourists and you will not find any of the usual traps. Inhabited by locals it is the perfect place for anyone looking to have a more peaceful stay in Majorca. Wine tasting and golf are two of the main attractions here but it is also simply a place to visit if you want some quiet time to reflect.

5. Cap de Formentor - close to the city of Alcúdia, which is also a very nice destination, you will find one of the most spectacular views in the shape of Cap de Formentor. This peninsula is located on the far north of the island and it is an epic sight, even the drive there is something right out of a fairy-tale. Mountains and coastline blend together to create stunning scenery, just don't forget to bring your camera when visiting. 

6. Valldemossa - this is perhaps one of the most picturesque cities on the island and due to its location among the stunning green mountains, it has rightfully earned its epithet as one of the most beautiful cities in Majorca. In Valldemossa history is ever present and the city has been home to Arab travellers as well as Franciscan monks. Each leaving behind signs of their existence as in the case of a monastery. 

Hiking is one of the favourite past-times here and there are several summits worth visiting. 

7. Sóller - located in a valley, this is another beautiful city to have as you base if you feel like hiking. Sóller is also close to the beach which makes it possible to enjoy a little bit of sunbathing as well in between exploring the mountains. The harbour is a charming mix of old and new and there is even a tram in the city that can transport you to and from the port. 

8. Cala d’Or - this is the spot for the beach lover. Many of the beaches are located in coves which makes it the perfect spot for relaxation. This city has somethings for everyone and is considered to be one of the best towns around.

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