How To Holiday Abroad With Anxiety

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For some people travel is hard work. Hence we appreciate this post by Craig on managing holiday anxiety. 

Travel agents are quick to use phrases like ‘100% stress free’ and ‘no-hassles holiday’. However, if you’re living with anxiety you know that getting through a vacation with zero worries is anything but easy. In fact, it can be downright impossible – there are plenty of unknown factors and opportunities for things to go wrong.

But don’t throw out your passport just yet.

With some a few tricks up your sleeve, you can still holiday overseas with anxiety. You can even have a good time. The tips below won’t eliminate your anxiety during the trip, but they will help you avoid triggers and set yourself up for an enjoyable vacation.

Organise Everything In Advance

One of the eternal causes of anxiety for travellers is the thought of things not going to plan. To see your holiday start smoothly, it’s a great idea to pre-book absolutely everything you can think of. There are the obvious arrangements to make, such as flight tickets and hotel bookings, but you can also organise other factors in advance. Worried about getting to your accommodation? Pre-book a private taxi or rental car. Is a particular restaurant or attraction essential to your getaway? Call up and make a reservation before you’ve even left home.

Of course, the process of making all these prearrangements can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming in itself. To minimise the effort required to erase these concerns, consider travelling with a specialist tour group like Albatross Tours. An itinerary takes up a lot of space on anyone’s plate of worries, so it’s a relief to know this can be handled by professional travel guides.

Choose Your Companions Carefully

It’s okay to be selective about who you travel with, especially when it comes to managing your anxiety while away from home. If you’re travelling with your spouse or partner, it’s important for them to realise they need to be supportive during your time abroad.

If panicking about the kids has spoiled past vacations for you, consider a child-free retreat this time around by getting their grandparents or other relatives to take care of them. Conversely, if extended separation from your little ones is an anxiety trigger for you, a whole-family holiday is probably the better option.

This tip also applies to travelling with a friend. Your thrill-seeking buddy might be a hoot at parties, but their sightseeing suggestions will probably set off some alarms for your emotional wellbeing. If you can travel with a friend who understands your struggle with anxiety, this is ideal.

Research Your Destination Thoroughly

Venturing into the unknown can be intimidating for anyone, even without anxiety. Attempt to minimise any unexpected shocks by extensively researching the country, city and even neighbourhood you’ll be visiting. Make yourself aware of things like local customs, the typical climate and the location of essential facilities in relation to your hotel. This knowledge will help you ease into your temporary home away from home with less turbulence.

Postpone If You Need To

If your anxiety is regularly causing troubles in your day-to-day life, it’s probably best to put your overseas holiday on standby for now. Speak to your doctor and/or mental health specialist about steps you can take to be in a better place mentally before you venture abroad for a vacation. After all, travelling for leisure should be relaxing, not stressful. Don’t waste your annual leave if you’re not in the right mindset to really enjoy yourself.

What experiences have you had travelling with anxiety? Whether you have a horror story or a surprisingly stress-free tale to tell, share it in the comments below. Your insights may be just what another reader needs to feel ready for their upcoming holiday.

Craig is a passionate traveller, but fights anxiety leading up to the trip. His aim is to show others holidaying can be done, even with anxiety. 

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