How To Make The Best Of Your Trip To Italy

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Italy is the embodiment of passion. It's seen throughout it's culture, it's history, it's food and it's people. I've road tripped around Italy, but there's a lot of ways to explore this Mediterranean beauty.

If anyone asks you to close your eyes and picture Italy, what’s the first image that pops into your mind? Venetian gondolas swaying down the many narrow canals? A vespo riding past the Colosseum in Rome? Maybe a glass of wine with pasta somewhere on the sunny coast of Sicily? Since Italy is as many-sided and diverse as the people who wish to discover it, the only right way to travel to Italy is on best Italy tours that are tailored to your preferences, meaning you can see and do exactly what YOU want and have enough free time to do it. Because let’s be honest, everyone wants their trip to be perfect, and in this post you can find the answers to how to make your Italy vacation a journey of a lifetime.

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Group Tour Or Private Adventure?

It might seem impossible but you can bring to life your flawless Italy vacation as simply as following a recipe. So for starters determine where you want to go and what you want to see in Italy. If you plan to travel solo or together with a couple of people and put down many unique places and activities on your itinerary, then a private tour is what you’re looking for. This way you can mix and match whichever destinations and activities you want on your Italy tours and stay in each place as long as you wish. 

As for group tours, let’s just start by pointing out that there are different types of group tours that you can join, ranging from the number of people per group to included cities and tours en route to accommodation options and transportation. So if you’re inclining to the group tour option, pay attention to the following points of the offer to truly understand what you’re getting. 

What are the means of travel between cities offered? Is it a bus? If it is, then a group of about 35+ travelers is the case in hand. Spending almost half of your vacation time onboard a big bus is probably not the best way to see Italy. Ask yourself, do you really want to spend hours of your trip in traffic or simply on waiting up for the rest of the people in your group?

Plus keep in mind that the central parts of town, especially the historic districts in Italian cities, usually have very narrow old streets and big buses are therefore not allowed to go there. What can you conclude from that? That you’ll be staying somewhere in the outskirts of town, and if you’d like to do some independent sightseeing of main attractions or plan an evening out with fine dining in your free time, you’ll need to invest extra time and money to get to and from your far standing hotel. 

So the ground rules for determining whether the offered group tour is a good bargain or not goes down to this: first pay attention not to the overall price but to the indicated group size, means of transportation and the location of the included accommodation options. The group program that fits best under that criteria is the one that’ll bring you more value, resulting in more time enjoying and discovering Italy than on bus time.

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When To Go?

The time of the year when you want to go on tours to Italy also matters. And matters a lot. The thing is that Italy is the most visited country by tourists in the world, so to make the most of your Italian journey take into account the seasonality factor. It’s very wise to remember that although a specific month may be the most popular one, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best or the right time to go on such a trip. 

For instance, when the summertime may at first seem like the most alluring and best time to visit Italy, often that’s not how things actually turn out to be on the spot. Case in point: the average outside temperature in Rome in the end of July is 31°C. That’s about 87°F. Walking down the hot cobblestone streets, say near the Trevi Fountain, together with hundreds of other tourists under the burning sun doesn’t seem so great now, does it? 

And here’s another thing, the summer months from early June to mid August receive ultimately the largest number of tourists and therefore all the cute cafes and restaurants, tickets, not to mention all the nice hotels are fully booked. All of this is, of course, topped with enormous tourist crowds in basically any major point of interest and museum you’d possible want to see and the consequential long queues. And it’s no surprise really, as most people prefer to go on vacation in the summer, plus students and school kids are on breaks and usually join summer tour groups. 

Hence, answering the question on when to go to Italy, if you’re more or less flexible, plan your vacation in early autumn as well as late spring. You’ll avoid large tourist crowds and award yourself with pleasant weather conditions, granting a perfect balance for a great Italy vacation.

How Far In Advance To Start Planning?

The answer to this one is pretty easy — the earlier, the better. For the reason that planning your trip in advance gives several advantages: lower rates and more options than compared to last-minute bookings. Those who start putting together their upcoming Italy trip months prior to departure have a broader choice of hotels, tickets and some services, and in many cases even better prices for them as well. Moreover, there’s extra time for research on the places you’d like to include and visit. 

That being so, if Italy is on your bucket list, there’s no need to lay the planning aside for later.

Just like Paris, Italy is always a good idea! There’re endless sightseeing opportunities and so much to discover that going only once might not be enough. And there’s a bit of a ring to it too, as Italy is a country you’d surely want to return to again!

Donald is an ultimate fan of Italy and have visited number of times. Here is his experience while visiting Italy.

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