Best Travel Tips for Planning a Trip to Hurghada, Egypt

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Hurghada is a city of eternity and immortal magic, with a number of charms that will never wear out.

Hurghada might be the meteor that comes every once in a while to leave with a heavy load of wishes. In each of the four seasons, the city pronounces the travelers’ desires, for a classy deluxe adventure, in a delicious way and translates every letter into an animated version of entertainment and luxury, whether surrounded by the Red Sea or having a historical trip into the symbols and hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt.

In each season the city spreads different references of ethereality in the air, and hugs all tourists, making it a destination that’s worthy of putting effort into planning a trip to.

Thus, the following are pick-up-with-a-purpose-behind tips that’ll get the city to be your own version of a meteor:

  • Search about The City’s Weather Before You Go
  • Pamper Yourself with a Long Vacation to Cover All the City’s Activities
  • Pack Light
  • Have Extra Cash on You
  • Explore Different Destinations from Hurghada
  • Pick up a Phrase or Two in Arabic to Make It Less Hectic
  • Plan a Budget
  • Your Safety and Well-being Come First
  • Pick up Your Agency Wisely

1. Search about The City’s Weather Before You Go

Hurghada has always been a city with two scales weighed down by enchantment for a reason.  Every time you explore the city, you’ll be left impressed with the perfect picture it tries to make you collect the pieces of about to what state of dazzling it can leave you caught up with during each season of the year.

It’s a place that declared the word “Singularity” as its surname. A singularity that parks the most in winter when the city greets the travelers in a rare way with its fog, rain droplets, and blows of air mixed together with the December activities you can have there. Then, in spring, the city sparkles in a wholly diverse way with the Emerald effect it activates on the world, from lush green leaves and bushes to the Ruby and Amethyst colors of roses. The spark won’t be put out even in the hot temperature of the summer.

As in summer, Hurghada managed to mold the boiling hot summer weather to what goes with the travelers’ needs from a warm, breezy atmosphere to shallow and deep marine spots, surrounded by the navy blue of the sea, and the delicious honey of the beaches’ sand. In fall, the city shut off the travelers from any distraction, focusing only on the Red Jasper and aragonite colors of the leaves and maple trees, and making their heads light up with a sense of nostalgia.

2. Pamper Yourself with a Long Vacation to Cover All the City’s Activities

No matter how many times you tried to track the two points that defines Hurghada City’s grandeur, it’ll be all in vain. The city is filled with aesthetics, if analyzed, a generous number of marine and coastal activities alongside destinations will come flooding you. Hurghada acts like a car with no engine or speed level that can stop the splendor of its marine life from spreading.

You need way more than a round or two of scuba diving or snorkeling to digest all marvels that leak out from Hurghada’s marine creatures. It’s as if the marine life and its inhabitants in Hurghada will adopt you as a new member of their family. You’ll get attached to the settings there, wanting more and more of what makes you stick to them as long as possible. From diving and swimming to snorkeling, kitesurfing, windsurfing alongside more, all are coastal activities the city offers you won’t be able to cover in a mere day or two-day trip.

3. Pack Light

Packing light is another wheel that will keep your trip plan going on the right path, and without, your trip fun might come to halt for a while, not to mention the heavy drag this can cause on your plans. Count in only your necessities, and what makes your trip spin around the right orbit, while counting out those just-in-case items that’ll make you suffer the consequences. Hence, packing light doesn’t by any chance mean cutting off your load by half, it’s just about packing light with high quality. Make sure you pack clothes that go with your visit season; a hat, a pair of sunglasses in summer, a scarf, a pair of gloves, and an umbrella for winter.

4. Have Extra Cash on You

It’s sooner or later on your trip that you’ll feel how important it’s to grab extra money before you. The extra cash has always been of large usage if being the salvation for lots of travelers is any indication. A valid reason why you should have extra cash on you turned out to be either being a fan of shopping; purchasing cultural souvenirs as living proof of your visit, or Hurghada weather was so good that you grab at any chance to have extra snorkeling trip, or that Hurghada might have so many dainty dishes and street food and you decided to have a taste of them all, or any other occasion, expected or not.

5. Explore Different Destinations from Hurghada

If Hurghada City has been known for the bliss it provides travelers with under the Red Sea waters, then indulge more in its geography to see how close it’s from ancient Egypt’s centers of civilization. At this point, Hurghada will offer you historical and cultural roller coaster adventures, apart from the marine and ocean world and its offspring. Check these affordable Huurghada Private Tours, where it’ll get you within the very core of Egypt, giving you the chance to know the first roots that were planted, grown, and harvested by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, which is a process shown in Upper and Lower Egypt and their milestones.

Milestones such as the Giza Pyramids Complex, the Egyptian Museum, and others in Cairo, besides the Catacombs of Kom Shokafa, Pompey’s Pillar, and more in Alexandria, in Lower Egypt. And in Upper Egypt, you have the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, and others in Luxor on one side, and the High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk, Philae Temple, and others in Aswan, on the other. Hence, these are types of adventures with high time management so that you can feed on as much as possible of ancient history and its mystery.

6. Pick up a Phrase or Two in Arabic to Make It Less Hectic

It might be taken for granted by now that getting exposed to the common language spoken in your target destination will give you a trip worthy of treasuring. Looking up a phrase or two in Arabic, the local language of Egyptians in Hurghada, and memorizing them as the back of your hand will take your traveling experience to another level. Now, the following are frequently used Arabic phrases in everyday life:

As-alam Alaikum: Peace Be Upon You السلام عليكم

Shukran: Thank you ﺷﻜﺮﺍﹰ

Sabah al-khair: Good Morning صباح الخير

Lazeeza: Delicious لذيذ

Jameela: Beautiful جميل

Inshaa Allah: God willing إن شاء الله‎

Yalla: Let’s Go يللا

Nonetheless, put in mind Egyptians are kind and friendly by nature, they’ll get more than understanding if you did not get the word right..

7. Plan a Budget

A trip budget, sometimes, might get double-edged. If you decided it right, it’ll get your trip to cover as many aspects of luxury as possible, not to mention the state of balance your trip will get wrapped in. However, if you did not go through what you might need and what you may not specifically, it can leave an impact on your budget, and your trip overall. First, brainstorm all essential and trivial on top of your mind regarding the trip.

Next, you should sort your needs and stick to them, all the while deterring what might block you from having fun during the trip. Many things you need to set up your budget according to, and accommodation is one of them. Opt for decent reasonable accommodation yet, comfy and as close as it can get to luxury so that it’ll not make that big difference in your budget. Another thing is the flights. Planning for a trip, it must not slip your mind the possibility of booking earlier. 

Pick Summer or Fall, when it’s less jammed and more laidback in Hurghada but graceful nonetheless. And let us not forget your personal expenses, the tipping, and more that you should prepare your budget for.

8. Your Safety and Well-being Come First

During the trip, try to activate the filter mood more often than not. You need to filter and clear your head from any mess that planning for the different aspects of a trip can cause, and dedicate enough time to thinking about how you can maintain your safety and well-being. During a trip, safety is quite a wide dictionary that you need to cover and fulfill every line of, from checking up your traveling documents and making a copy of them so that you get through the airport check-up safety. To take pictures of your luggage at the airport just in case they got mistaken for others.

As well as a permanent medical checkup from the very first moment until the very end of your trip. All will avoid any stress to take a toll on you and your well-being, making you all relaxed and chilled out to launch your trip.

9. Pick up Your Agency Wisely

Choose the agency that opens your eyes and leads you into the true epiphany of Hurghada; that’s the raw majesty. Shooting at an unqualified agency might cost you a lot of effort and extra money, making you deal with dilemmas you did not count in your vacation plan. Not to mention the waste of time that might affect your trip, making you miss exploring even a fraction of the city’s majesty.

As a result, and to avoid your trip from taking an unexcepted turn, do as much research as possible, looking up as many reviews about your agency as you can to find the one. Among the things that tell a lot about the agency, is its authenticity; being legally registered. Then comes the mostly-approving reviews of the travelers, and amenities it presents, and offered deals.

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And once you're in Hurghada, keep exploring. Take a look at this Luxor day trip from Hurghada for inspiration.

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