4 Awesome Ideas on What to Do with a DNA Test Result

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DNA test kits are undoubtedly becoming as commonplace as any consumer product available commercially. At the start of 2019, more than 26 million people took a DNA test and added their information in one of the four leading ancestry databases. For many who take these tests, there is a certain novelty to the idea of finding clues about your ancestry. To some, a DNA test result could provide further insight into living a healthier lifestyle.

If you, like many others who are curious about DNA test kits wonder what else you can do with the results, here are four ideas that might convince you to pick up a kit on your next trip to the pharmacy.

Go on a family heritage tour

A DNA test kit might hold the key to your next family vacation. Your genetic ancestry contains valuable information about where your ascendants came from. Why not travel to their homeland and learn more about their life there? A family heritage tour helps you appreciate the past and connects to your ancestry on a more personal level.

You can go on a personalized tour or group tours with like-minded individuals. You can also prepare your family tree before you travel so that you can pinpoint specific locations you want to visit. These heritage tours are indeed a fun and meaningful approach to your next vacation.

Finding long-lost relatives 

If you want to reconnect with estranged family members, a DNA test kit is an excellent way to start. For example, someone who is adopted may use the results and the information available on ancestry databases to find their biological parents. According to research, if ancestry databases keep growing at the current pace, it will eventually be possible to trace family relations between every American. And this applies even to those who have not taken a DNA test.

Have greater control over genetic illnesses

Another excellent benefit of DNA test kits is the information they can provide regarding hereditary diseases. Finding out if you are a potential carrier of hereditary diseases will give you greater control over your life. You can work with health professionals to determine the best course of action in living a healthier lifestyle. This is especially true for chronic illnesses which can significantly impact your quality of life.

Create a custom health plan based on your DNA test result

If you are lucky enough to find out that you do not have the genetic predisposition to contract chronic illnesses, you can still use the information to live a healthier lifestyle. For example, if you know that you are likely to develop high blood pressure, you can be more self-aware about your lifestyle.

You can use the result of your DNA test to come up with a health plan that works for you. Greater awareness about your body’s genetic makeup is not merely a novelty. Undoubtedly, your genes are a treasure trove of data you can use to learn about your past and improve your future. So, next time you consider taking a commercial DNA test, think about these suggestions and do not treat the results as a mere curiosity.

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