Improve Your Family Travel Experience With These Simple Hacks

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Travelling with children started off challenging but it gradually became easier as I learned important travel hacks just like these...

Traveling with the entire family can be a handful sometimes. There are a lot of tips and tricks that will help you enjoy your family trips better, but there can still be problems to deal with and challenges to overcome along the way.

In this post, we want to focus more on the simple travel secrets that can turn a modest holiday somewhere exotic into a great experience for the whole family. These are the travel hacks to try on your next trip with the kids.

Splurge on Accommodation

Another great idea is to book larger accommodation, preferably with extra bedrooms for the kids to occupy. The extra space allows children to feel less constrained and they will not get frustrated so quickly. Some properties even offer on-site facilities for children, from a complete park to daycare services.

Luxury rooms are worth investing in for this purpose. Instead of paying for extra beds and cramming into a small hotel room, it is much better to spend only a little bit more and get the extra space. You can even benefit from the extra VIP treatments; more people looking after the kids is always a great thing.

You can even find deals and special offers on these luxury properties, allowing you to stay in-budget or even save on the luxury room and VIP treatment. Check with your credit card company and the airline to find more deals and special offers.

Timing Is Everything

When booking flights, try to find flights that coincide with the kids’ nap time or bedtime. This is a hack that I use frequently. It definitely eliminates the extra hassle of keeping kids entertained if they are sleeping most of the time.

A lot of flights are available if you want to try this hack. Even better, midday and nighttime flights are usually more affordable than flights at busier times. Not only will you be able to save on the flights, you can also have a better time traveling with the kids.

There’s another way to keep kids organized and quiet during flights. The in-flight entertainment system may not have the movies they like so load some to your smartphone just in case. You can use your sunglasses – placed inverted on the tray table – as a stand.

Learn to Curb Impatience

On longer journeys, the worst problem to deal with is impatience. Kids tend to get bored really quickly, so you need to know how to keep them excited and entertained the whole time. You can use stops (i.e. train stations) as landmarks and come up with fun activities to do between these landmarks.

Giving each kid an iPad is definitely not the way to go. It won’t be long before they run out of things to do. Besides, you want the kids to be involved in the journey. Plan ahead, prepare activities that you can share with the kids, and the longer journey will be more manageable.

These are some more hacks you can try to make family trips better and more enjoyable. For more tips and tricks on traveling with the entire family, stay tuned right here on Travel With Bender.   

Veselina is an avid traveler and traveling since 2008. She have been traveling with her 2 beautiful kids. She loves sharing her family travel experience with simple hacks. 

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