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Holidays are best when they’re wholesome and full of new experiences and surprises – a balance between comfort and adventure, the expected and the unforeseen. When selecting the perfect destination for their holidays, beautiful people the world over have time and again chosen Paris, for its part romantic, part modern, part elite, part common, charm. Yes, everyone loves Paris! In fact, it is recommended as a destination everyone must visit at least once during one’s lifetime by all who happen to set foot on the much talked about, much quoted, much praised and very promising soil of Paris. It is after all the capital city of the beautiful land of France. Teeming with a diverse crowd of people, Paris is also the most populous city in France.

The Laudable Landmarks of Precious Paris

When in Paris you will never have to go through even a single dull moment. Be it shopping, eating out, relaxing, taking a walk or visiting places of note, there will never be dearth of things to do. Paris, situated on the Seine River comes with that promise. Deriving its name from the Celtic Parisii people it was founded by, the origins of Paris can be traced back to 3rd century BC. Paris is significant centre of fashion (home of the bi-annual Paris Fashion Week), commerce, culture, science, and the arts.

When in Paris the most preferred and must visit place is one of the world’s largest art museums that goes by the name of the Louvre. Once you set foot in its legendary grounds, the place ensures that you will never forget your Louvre experience. Other remarkable landmarks of the city include the Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte–Chapelle, Musee d’Orsay, Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, Disneyland Paris, the National Museum of Modern Art at The Centre Pompidou, and the Eiffel Tower. 

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The Eiffel Experience

In fact, your visit to Paris or even to France itself would be incomplete unless your view the city from atop the dizzying heights of the famous and unforgettable Eiffel Tower. What makes the Eiffel experience even more enjoyable is the champagne servings that you can purchase right at the top and toast to your extra special holiday. Just like this, it is the small things that make Paris so endearing and unique. Once you are done with the Louvre and the Eiffel you can take a walk by the Seine River in Paris’s typically pleasant mild and moderately wet oceanic climate as you pause occasionally to pick up some local art from vendors posted alongside the path. 

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Preparing for Paris – Packing in a Punch

Once you’ve decided that you’re making Paris your holiday spot make sure you don’t underestimate the style of the city. For this destination, you must be well turned out and looking your best. Forget to carry your vitamins but don’t forget to pop into your bags your favorite trousers or top, your pink high heels, or your prized pair of trendy matching earrings. In Paris you must dress to impress for this is one of the places the world’s best fashions come from. This trip to Paris is a once in a lifetime affair so make it count by looking good.

Lots of Learning, Venues to Visit, and Eateries to Enjoy

Paris is also a centre for painting, sculpture, photography, and museums. Being home to Agence France-Presse and several newspapers, magazines and publications of note, Paris is a hub for media and publishing too. Not only this, Paris is also well known the world over for theatre, literature (Paris is chockablock with books and bookshops), fashion trends, libraries and education (the University of Paris often called as Sorbonne), music and cinema. What’s more, there isn’t a paucity of restaurants, hotels, bistros, brasseries, bars, pubs, tea rooms, ice cream vendors and cafes too. So take in the beauty and life around you even as you kick back and eat and drink your heart out from among a wide range of French food and foreign specialties!

Invigorating Infrastructure – Travel and Leisure in Paris

Take your pick for moving in and round Paris for the world renowned city is very well connected by road, cycling routes, railways, air as well as sea. Paris is the node of France’s motorway network and is replete with the freeways – the Peripherique, A86, and the Francilienne. In addition, Paris has 14 airports and airstrips including international airports, a national railway network, and even a widespread and efficient subway system – the Metro. Boasting of abundant amenities for its people, Paris also has its fair share of parks and gardens where residents and tourists can pause at any time of the day and take in the scenery, weather, and the utterly gorgeous life around. And just to be on the safe side keep with you at all times a map of the city as well as a local transport guide. 

Scintillating Shopping and A Trip Around Town – On and On!

Paris is a great destination for shoppers whether you’re looking for fashion and accessories, design and décor, luxury jewellery, leather goods, flea markets, Sunday shopping, museum shops, boutiques, perfumes, cosmetics, food items shopping, or even fashion and toys for kids. As a must do for your Paris trip don’t forget to prioritize, budget, and plan … for there’s a lot to do. And once you’re all shopped out take your pick from what the city is offering in terms of theme parks, walking tours, boating excursions, cycling tours, fairs, trade shows, festivals, fun activities for children, sports, games, music concerts, as well as art exhibitions. Once you get a taste of Paris, you’ll never want to leave – for this one’s a city that NEVER sleeps!

Saying Goodbye to the Never Say Die City

Once you’re at the end of your memorable, fun filled, and action packed trip to the wonderful city of Paris, whether you make it with your spouse, with your kids or even with your parents and extended family in tow – you will find that not only have you left a part of you behind there, you are also carrying a bit of Paris back with you, not just in as things in your luggage, but also in your mind and heart forever. And for this very reason, millions of tourists from all parts of the world visit Paris each year and depart touched and changed with the charm of this city indelibly etched into their very beings.

Paris will draw you in with class and allure,

This is a city of many attractions and elegance galore,

No matter how much you explore,

When you leave Paris you’ll find that you still want more,

Paris is forever graceful and always in bloom,

And that’s what the entire world adores,

Paris is a class apart,

There’s magic at its very core!

So come to Paris … plan your sojourn TODAY.

Indre, marketing manager at ChameleonJohn, loves traveling and clicking pictures on-the-go. She has a successful career in the field of marketing and is currently fulfilling her dream of traveling around the world. She is based out of Vilnius, Lithuania.

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