Kids And Niagara: A Match Made In Waterfall Heaven

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Our kids loved Niagara Falls, but we only just scratched the surface. There is still so much to see and do there and Cher has the low down in this guest post. 

Traveling with kids is always an adventure and traveling parents know that things rarely go as planned. In fact, even the planning part rarely goes as planned. Many kids have very strong opinions about their destinations of choice and more often than not these include theme parks and beach resorts.

But what if you could tempt your child with a destination that has it all, from kid-friendly everything, to a natural wonder of the world, to activities galore?

Enter Niagara Falls. And not just the magnificent falls themselves. Niagara Falls has been one of the top family vacation destinations in the world for many years and there’s no sign that this family tourism trend is slowing.

So round up the kids, browse Niagara Falls websites so they can see just how many fun things they can take part in, and start packing.

Take a River Cruise

A must for every Niagara itinerary but especially one involving kids, a boat cruise to the base of the falls is something that will have your kids screaming with delight. Yes, you’re going to get wet, yes, being at the base of the falls is an awe-inspiring experience, and yes, your kids will love every second of it.

Be sure to get there early so you can get a good spot at the front of the boat where all the action is. These boats have been taking tourists to the base of the falls for over 100 years so there’s also a lot of fascinating history behind the boat ride itself. 

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

If there’s one thing that can keep kids occupied and laughing for hours on end it’s a water park. But this is no ordinary waterpark; the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is one of the largest indoor waterpark in the world and offers so many ways to splash, slide, and have fun that’s it’s almost impossible to get bored. There is a beach area, several high speed slides, an on-site cafe, wave pools, and shallow areas for the little ones.

There are several Niagara Falls Canada hotels that are part of the Fallsview Resort complex, which includes the waterpark and is all enclosed, so you can almost literally step outside your hotel room door and be at the waterpark in minutes. 

Take a Hike

Many parents encourage outdoor activities during a vacation and there’s no better place for a great hike than the trails the Niagara Parks system maintains along the river. Whether you’re on the U.S. side or Canadian side of the falls you’ll find a well-maintained network of trails that wind along the Niagara River and through the surrounding forest.

Keep your eye out for birds and wildlife as several different species live in the area, and be sure to visit Devil’s Hole State Park so you can see the famous whirlpool downriver from the falls. Your kids will love it. 

Go Play at Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is a child’s dream come true and adults find it to be pretty cool as well. A combination of arcade, amusement park, and much more, your kids can spend hours playing the games, riding the Sky Wheel, playing mini-golf, or even taking a stroll through Movieland, a wax museum populated by renditions of famous movie stars. There are also plenty of restaurants featuring all types of cuisine so even your pickiest eater will be satisfied. Be sure to check their websites for frequent discount packages and more. 

The Butterfly Conservatory

A thrill for kids and adults alike, the Butterfly Conservatory is a tropical, climate-controlled wonderland filled with thousands of butterflies and the plants of their native habitats. Enjoy a self-guided tour as butterflies fill the space around you in a truly fantastic experience.

You can challenge your children to try and spot different species and perhaps even spy a cocoon or a caterpillar that’s on its way to becoming a butterfly. This is a great way to get ups close to these beautiful insects and use the experience as a teachable moment as well. 

For great family fun, you can’t do better than a vacation to Niagara Falls. With its unique combination of natural attractions and just plain fun, Niagara is a timeless destination that will be on tourists’ radars for years to come. 

Cheris a recent graduate who enjoys blogging about anything and everything. She is currently enjoying holidays in her own country, before hoping to start her overseas journey next year. 

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