6 Locations to Visit in Lake Como

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Lake Como is one of Italy’s most magical destinations for tourists and visitors looking to relax, enjoy some stunning lakeside and mountainside trips, and delve deep into the rich culture and history of the area. Below are six of Lake Como’s most impressive locations that you simply have to visit.

1. The Charming Town of Menaggio

Menaggio is one of Lake Como’s most beautiful places, and if you get to visit the area, it should certainly be on the list of the top cities you need to check out. A small but elegant town, it can be the site of a relaxing escapade with plenty of things to see. Some of Menaggio’s top locations to visit include the colorful lake promenade of Menaggio, the mysterious and enchanting buildings and narrow alleyways of the Old Town, and the stunning Villa Mylius Vigoni, which is a rare blend of culture and relaxing natural landscapes featuring an extensive park and a sizable English garden.

2. Bellagio – Lake Como’s Most Popular City

Many consider Bellagio to be the most popular and beautiful city to explore on the shores of Lake Como. Aside from its stunning view of the lake, the gorgeous Lake Como villas rental offers that are among the best in the region and specific places to visit such as the Villa Melzi with its amazing gardens and the old fishing village of Pescallo – an excellent place for sporting activities – Bellagio also features some excellent boat tours that include luxury tours, Venetian limousine tours and 4+ hour tours with visits to the famous Villa Balbianello.

3. Visit Varenna for the Best Traditional and Natural Locations

Take a trip through the botanical garden at Villa Monastero to see the many rare plants they have, or get to Castello di Vezio to see what Varenna’s legendary medieval fortress looked like. Maybe you’d prefer a nature walk perfect for hiking and photography enthusiasts at the locality of Fiumelatte. All these and many other stunning locations, such as the Riva Grande and the imposing Church of St. Giorgio in the town center are just waiting to be explored as part of one of Lake Como’s most famous and elegant traditional cities.

If you are an active person, and you like to bike, hike or ride a kayak, certain Italy tour packages include the city of Varenna in their offer. 

4. The Beauty of Tremezzina

Between the elegance of Lario and the charming Vittorian Villas, you will find it hard to decide where to go and what to see in the beautiful city of Tremezzina on Lake Como. Featuring some of the most enchanting sights on the lake, the best in traditional architecture and a few charming nearby villages that are worth looking into if you want to enjoy Lake Como’s western shores like a local, Tremezzina certainly has a lot to offer, and the city’s closeness to the Swiss Alps also offers some truly breathtaking views for photography enthusiasts to enjoy.

5. Isola Comacina

If you visit Trmezzina, you certainly have to check out the island of Comacina, which is immediately accessible in the waters off the shore of the city. Isola Comacina has a very interesting history and is home to some fascinating fascinating buildings dating back to the 6th century when the island was still a Roman stronghold. Make sure you check out the ancient church on the hill and the only restaurant on the island, which resembles a genuine medieval fortress hidden in the trees.

6. The Historical Town of Cadenabbia

Cadenabbia is one of the most diverse and fascinating places on the shores of Lake Como. Located in a place where the mountains meet the lake offering some truly stunning views of the cliffs right next to the town’s impressive architecture, Cadenabbia houses what was known as the first touristic hotel of the area and has also been home to an English enclave at the end of the 18th century. Visit Cadenabbia in the spring for some relaxing day trips outside the city and enjoy walks to places like Santuario Madonna Delle Grazie, where you can enjoy a complete panoramic view of the entire town and landscape.

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