5 Fantastic Locations For A Prenup Shoot

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A prenup shoot is an excellent way to commemorate your wedding. Other than imprinting the photos on the invitation cards and wedding website, pre-wedding photos are sentimental. These are the photos you show your children in future, flaunting how good and happy you looked when you were young.

The ultimate shot brings out your personalities, uniqueness and style, showcasing the magnificent background while focusing on your love. A professional photographer best captures this. The most challenging part, however, is selecting the ideal location for the background. Whether it’s a picturesque sunset at the beach or a corner down the street, be sure to capture a timeless masterpiece to evoke the romance.

In case you’re undecided on your ideal location, below are some amazing places you may consider to hold your prenup shoot.

1. The place you spend time most

All couples have their favourite spots, whether at the park or a specific hiking spot. The kind of place you visit and instinctively know that your partner should be there with you because that’s where you always hang out. Such a location has a sentimental value, a true quality of prenup photos. 

Opt for a shoot in a particular restaurant you go to every Friday. However, it is crucial to note that most hotels require a pre-booked notice before taking photos in their premises. This may come with extra charges. To cater to this cost, ensure you get affordable photographers who produce quality work to maintain your overall budget.

Typically, home is best. Get comfortable on your usual sofa in the living room, cosy up with your partner and smile for the camera. When you’re grey and old, look back at the photos and reminisce on how much things changed since your love journey began.

2. A place with a meaningful value to you

Think of a place where you did something special with your partner for the first time; whether it’s at the cinema where you had your first kiss, your first date at the diner or better yet the pathway where you first bumped into each other.

These first moments will forever be priceless to you. A stunning portrait of you two in that special spot is the best way to freeze a poignant memory in time.

3. A place you share interests in design or style

Let your interests influence your choice of location. If you’re into art or style, a place with a classic landmark would be phenomenal for your photo session. Any landmarks in each city or town in the UK would be suitable. Luckily, affordable photographers are available in all locations; therefore, you will get quality shots, whatever city you choose.

If you both share a favourite art designer, consider visiting one of their cool art studios. Get inspired, awaken your inner flair and capture some masterpiece prenup photos of yourselves. What better way to show off your romance than in the art gallery you both love.

4. A place that presents the seasons

Seasons capture nature at its best; embrace the season and go for a garden full of roses. An autumn park with maple leaves is also a heavenly option to capture season, nature and love. Strike a pose and frame your forever-season of love.

You can also incorporate winter in your pre-wedding photoshoot; it captures one of the most dazzling white photos. Go all white with fur coats for the cold weather and have love sparking from all angles.

Your photographer’s expertise of timing it right will skilfully reflect your romance and the very best of any season.

5. A themed place

Blend in a mix of concept and personality to get photos that tell your love story. A castle theme gives a classic, timeless vibe, representing your enduring love with your partner. A modern building theme like the subway is a terrific way to memorize life’s daily bustles and freeze it in one lifetime perfect shot.

Whether you prefer an epic theme or a modern one, marry it with the right choice of clothes for a timeless look.

NB: If you decide to change clothes for the theme, two outfits would be fine. It will save you all the hassle of wasting precious time changing attires instead of capturing the moment.

Whichever location you prefer, the best way to capture superb engagement photos is through professional photographers. These gurus can get a perfect shot of a madly in love couple in any location, even in the dark!

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