Ponant's Luxury Cruises – Style, Comfort and Diversity on Human-Scale Ships

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Enjoying the world on luxury cruises is the lifelong dream of many of us, but the dream journey means something different for each of us. For some people, it is all about the extravagance of luxurious accommodation on a superb cruise ship and gourmet meals prepared by the best chefs in the world, enjoyed against the romantic backdrop of the infinite ocean, for others it is the combination of comfort and the opportunity to go on guided excursions on spectacular islands and coasts and for some, it is the opportunity to explore fantastic destinations on board a luxurious, but intimate ship that is not astonishingly huge. Ponant’s luxury cruises have it all – here is what they offer so that you can see for yourself.

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Destinations Worldwide

Whichever part of the world’s seas you want to explore, Ponant has the perfect itinerary for you, taking you to places that are less visited and more exciting than the busiest ports – here are some of the itineraries:

  • Africa – your journey will take you to cosmopolitan cities as well as to see the continent’s most spectacular natural assets;
  • Alaska – the dramatic landscape, the rugged natural beauty of the region is best explored knowing that your room will await you with all the luxury that you need to process what you have just seen;
  • The Antarctica – sailing among icebergs is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and Ponant is ready to take you there in comfort and style;
  • Asia – the continent combines the modern with the traditional like Ponant’s cruises combine luxury and intimacy;
  • The Caribbean and Latin America – unique marine and terrestrial ecosystems, cultural diversity and ancient history are combined into an organic whole with the journey taken on Ponant’s cruises;
  • The Mediterranean – the calm waters, the abrupt shores and the extraordinary culture make a Mediterranean cruise one of the most memorable in the world.
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These are just a few examples of the itineraries on the luxury cruises offered by Ponant. If you want to visit Russia, North America, Oceania or Europe, Ponant has lots of cruises for you, one more spectacular than the other.

Ponant offers not only destination cruises, but themed ones as well – if you wish to enjoy your passion, such as golfing, gastronomy, wine tasting or arts during your journey, your dream can come true on one of Ponant’s cruises.

Ships that Combine the Greatest Luxury and Intimacy

The Ponant fleet is definitely luxurious, with all the amenities that you can think of and some that you couldn’t even imagine before, but are there anyway. However, that luxury is not overpowering – the fleet is composed of nine small cruise ships of sizes ranging from 32 to 132 staterooms, all of them human-scaled to make all luxury cruises more like a personal itinerary, an exploration that you set off on at your own pace.

Ponant’s ships are special when it comes to the services and the crew as well. The style and the amenities on the ships makes the most of the French style of living and the bi-lingual crew is not only experienced and able to fulfil any request, but they are also attentive and reliable.

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The dishes served on the ships are worthy of restaurants of the highest class and most ships feature a wide range of amenities as well:

  • Massage rooms for a special relaxation session;
  • A hair salon and a fitness center located in a way that allows you to enjoy the view of the ocean;
  • A pool and a sun deck with panorama;
  • Lounges and bars located indoors and outdoors;
  • Entertainment centers and shops with souvenirs and fashion items of the highest quality.

The services available on Ponant’s luxury cruises include professional photography and videography as well, just to make sure that all the memorable moments of your journey are captured.

Architect: Jacques Rougerie

The Bottom Line

The French have a reputation for being the ultimate experts in leisurely, luxurious lifestyle and Ponant’s luxury cruises are surely proof that every word of the saying is true – just check out your options and pick an itinerary, with Ponant, your journey will be better than you expect it to be.

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