Luxury Hotel Booking Services for Exigent Clients - The Platform that Guarantees Unique, Personalized Experiences

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The world is full of superb luxury hotels – wherever you go, whatever city or country in the world you are planning to visit, there will surely be top-notch hotels to provide you with the comfort that you need. Such abundance can also be difficult to process, but fortunately there is help: the Grand Luxury platform, where you can browse hundreds of luxury hotels and select the accommodation and the services that best fit your expectations.

A Bespoke Service to Find the Perfect Hotel and the Perfect Services

The platform was founded in 2007 by two brothers, Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien, experts in marketing and finance. The goal of the founders was to help luxury clientele with information regarding high-end hotels and to provide assistance with the hotel booking process, as well as with the selection of the services during the stay, while maintaining and outstanding level of quality. The 450 hotels available through the platform all meet the requirements for five-star hotels and they have been evaluated based on the platform’s thorough evaluation system, a system that includes aspects related not only to the amenities and the staff, but also the overall feel of each hotel listed.

After the platform’s clients pick the  hotel they want to book, they are contacted by a personal assistant of their own, an expert in tourism, who will cater to all the needs expressed by the client and will make sure that the client’s experience in terms of comfort will be a unique and deeply personal one.

The services available through the platform include not only the booking process, but information and assistance related to other features – whether the client is looking for the best specialty restaurant near the hotel, wishes to see a theatre play, is looking for a spa experience, a special meal delivered to the room, or has any other type of special request, the assigned Guest Experience Manager will make it all happen in a quick, smooth, almost unnoticed way.

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