Taking A Luxury Trip With The Kids To Japan

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The temples, shrines, skyscrapers and rural scenery of Japan can all make this country feel like it’s a different world, and it’s one that you and your family absolutely must see. Choosing the luxury travel option can add to the experience even more, as cities like Tokyo blend comfort, class and quirkiness with ease, making your visit one that enables you to enjoy the utmost sophistication and see truly unique things. This is a selection of the many things you can do in the country with your children as you all become part of a privileged community who have experienced travel at its most enriching.

Ride the ‘Bullet Train’

Kids like a bit of speed, let’s face it. And if there’s one thing the Japanese love, it’s a bit of high-speed travel, so the two are a perfect match. The Shinkanksen Bullet Train, which transports passengers between cities at up to speeds of 320 km/h, is the opportunity to bring them both together and visit some of Japan’s finest attractions in a safe, speedy manner.

This train service has been operating for more than 50 years and passes such illustrious landmarks as Mount Fuji. It’s a true way to see Japan in style. Naturally, you can catch the train from the capital, Tokyo. Speaking of Tokyo…

Taking your pick in Tokyo!

As you’d expect of a capital city, there’s never a dull moment, with Tokyo spoiling families with a multitude of attractions and things for visitors to do. And with its wide range of plush places to stay, not to mention the general class of the city, with its striking skyscrapers and elegantly constructed temples, Tokyo is infused with that extra sophistication you require of a more upmarket way of seeing Japan. 

To take in a panoramic city view, visit the Tokyo Tower, which was once a broadcasting building. On a very clear day, you can even see as far out as Mount Fuji – definitely worth getting over any fear of heights for!

Image by tetedelart1855, used under Creative Commons license 2.0

That’s the views, but what about zoos? The Ueno Zoo helps you out with that. This relaxing zoo does get a little busy at the weekends, but if that’s when you visit, it’s still small sacrifice to make if you know you’re going to see some cuddly pandas. Who wouldn’t have that extra bit of patience! Other highlights at the zoo include the tigers and the elephants, which are just as cool, of course!

Did you know that Japan has a bit of a thing for baseball? Yep, in fact the capital has five teams of its own, so if you want to do something that little bit different, why not catch a game? The Tokyo Dome is the home stadium of the Yomiuri Giants and hosts 60 games of professional baseball a year.

Visit a beautiful park in Kyoto

Shrines and temples might be mesmerizing to you – and even to the littles one for a while – but if you drag the kids around temples all the time, they’re soon going to let you know about it! Find a park with wildlife and greenery and it’s a different story! Kyoto has just the thing with the Maruyama Koen Park, which has a pond of carp fish and turtles. You can add to the excitement by taking a rickshaw up to the park. Much more adventurous than a standard taxi!

See cute little snow monkeys in Yudanaka

Image by Hungarian Snow, used under CC license SA 2.0

Approximately three hours northwest of Tokyo, the town of Yudanaka is renowned for its hot springs. It’s not only humans that like to indulge with a hot spring bath, though. Here, the snow monkeys enjoy their own little hot spring and quite happily spend summer just soaking and relaxing, even as the people look on. In wintertime, this is particularly amusing since the monkeys will just sit there with snow on top of their heads while still basking in the warmth of the water.

Japan is a wonderful place, it really is, with scenery and attractions that serve as a handsome reward for anyone who invests the time to travel across the world and visit. Travelling to the country with the kids is an experience that they’ll be talking about long into their adult years.

Calvin is a full time traveller and his love for Japan is unbelievable. He loves surfing, reading and writing. This time he is exploring luxury in Japan with his two little kids. 

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